Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

No matter how solemn promise we make to ourselves to keep our homes shipshape and shiny, it just manages to retrograde into the clutter that it was—it’s like having our own personal-and-perennial-Mercury-retrograde-situation. Jokes aside, clutter is definitely not a state that is conducive to creativity and productivity. And tackling it has always been a challenge, so how do we get to the ‘neat and organized nirvana’ that a few of us seemed to have mastered? By following a simple two-pronged approach to tidiness as put forth by the Japanese cleanliness commando (albeit a petite one)—Marie Kondo.  

The said approach is refreshingly fuss-free—the first step of which involves taking the things you own in your hands and asking yourself if it ‘sparks joy’ or not which then leads to the second natural step where you discard those that don’t spark joy and organize those that do in ways that make locating and grabbing them easier. Sounds easy peasy, isn’t it? While it is—there are a few potential areas where you might hit an emotional impasse especially when you have objects of sentimental value but Marie offers a clever solution to that as well. 

Here are a few key takeaways from her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, which we can’t recommend enough—


Before you launch yourself full-fledged into the tidying process, Marie says it’s important to ask what is it that you are trying to achieve through this activity? Do you want to live minimally? Or do you want to nail a clean aesthetic that enables you to function optimally and live beautifully? Having a clear goal in mind will keep you motivated throughout the process.


What this means is that unlike the traditional MO where we begin by decluttering our home room-wise only to find the same object or item in a different room again (clothes, for example), we take categories head-on. The order for tackling the categories, as Marie suggests, is clothes followed by books followed by papers followed by miscellany followed by sentimental items. 

For every category—round everything up in one place so that you know how much you own. You then take each item in your hand, ask yourself if it sparks joy or not. The ones that you decide to part ways with, you thank them for fulfilling the purpose for which they were bought. Discarding with dignity, as they say. 


We couldn’t agree more with Marie as this is one tricky area that can impede your speed even before you have made decent headway into your decluttering mission. What happens when you stumble upon an old photo album? You spend hours thumbing through it, reliving sweet memories that are now frozen in time. 

So now imagine going through your photo albums with the purpose of discarding them, where do you think that will take you? To cherished episodes of your life but nowhere close to your intent. Which is why sentimental objects like albums, scrapbooks, diaries, letters, greeting cards, etc. are best left to be tackled at the end because when you follow the order of discarding items as recommended by Marie you will have honed your decision-making, which in turn will help you bid adieu to your sentimental objects. 


We like how Marie’s method which is also known as KonMari has a spiritual slant to it. Marie encourages readers to say a little prayer before they hurl themselves into the tidying process. She is strictly against the idea of playing loud music while you are evaluating what to keep and what not to. 

She considers tidying as a type of meditation in which one can have a deep dialogue with oneself about the activity they are undertaking and feel in sync with the objects they own. There’s no guessing that Marie is an early riser and prefers channeling the freshness of the early morning to launch into the process. 

We hope you find Marie’s method as helpful and insightful as we did and that you are filled with enough motivation to clean your space. 

Grey is The Black

They say life is not always black and white, it’s a million shades of grey. But out of these million shades, choosing the right kind of grey that works for you and your interior is important. For grey, if we are to examine it from a more clinical perspective, is actually bereft of color. You’d argue that black and white, mixed together make grey but any color (whether a primary hue or as a result of combination)—inherently—has some personality attached to it; for example, yellow brims with upbeat energy or blue pulsates serenity. 

However, grey, in that respect, is absent of color and therefore, does not draw attention to itself. You can ascribe it any mood or personality you want as it’s more of a thing of personal interpretation. But there are certain shades of this versatile yet mysterious hue that have, over years of usage, gained certain psychological associations enabling users to create an ambiance they are aiming for. 

Here are some of our surface decors drenched in greys, which are our favorites and communicate a sophisticated vibe. 


Cozy and cheerful, the (2418 Stone “S”) like the Scandinavian style, is full of homely warmth. The deeply textured panel in charcoal grey is an ideal way to play up the modern-sophistication-meets-hygge-comfort that the style represents. You can instantly create a warm, enveloping vibe in your interior with this embossed veneer from Holz in Form and as you can see here, the grey gives all #positivefeels


All those naysayers who thought that grey conveys nothing more than dull and dreariness will be forced to lose their smugness and become appreciative of its controlled nature. Grey can be dramatic and daring—just like Mabel, a 3D wall system comprising polygonal tiles that are placed in opposing directions to create a ‘jumping off your wall’ spatial effect. For an interesting dialogue between light and depth, these tiles in Silver, White, and Smoke will pep up your walls in a beat.


For those of us who are seeking a tidy and fuss-free definition of that coveted contemporary lifestyle—we are giving you a starting point to launch into action. Greys with a touch of blue, like this beaut from our Interart 9090 Ridgewood Latho Move series, has a nonchalant coolness to it which we totally approve of. This hue of grey works as a neutral—pulling together disparate design elements and resulting in a look that looks posh but not pretentiously precious. We are already imagining a laidback home office in this wall panel


Grey might seem like an estranged member of the black and white family—but it sure does exhibit the characteristics these two strong colors are primarily used for, which is to work up the contrast. Enveloping the wall behind the TV unit is Grey Valchromat, a wood fiber panel impregnated with an organic dye. Acting as a vivid contrast to its calm energy is a bright sunny hue blanketing the frame of the TV unit’s niches.

We hope this blog post dispelled some of your common misunderstandings and concerns about grey. Let us tell you that we have a HUGE selection of surface decors in this versatile color. So why not pop into our store to see which one floats your boat?

Visit Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. You can also log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide range of products. For personal assistance, you can reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

All That Glitters is Gold – Golden Panels For Interiors

Alright, we are saying this with every active atom of our bubbling creativity that we love GOLD. Yes. Gold is stylish, never out of style, adds an instant pop of glamour and gravitas (if you want to), revivify a scheme … and the list goes endless. You get the drift—it looks pretty, powerful, and on-point.

There’s always a corner in the living or a room or a wall or a cabinet that is calling for some high-impact statement and what most of us, without even realizing do—think about incorporating gold. Gold embodies luxury—pure, unabashed—whether you want for it to shine stellar or seductively wink through a distressed finish, gold does what it does best—bedazzle.

Here are some of our favorite decors that prove that all that glitters is, indeed, GOLD!


The entwined geometric curlicues of Spline in Gold add visual intrigue to the reception area.

The hexagonal 3D tiles “Norm” in multiple colors including Gold add a playful touch to an upscale bistro.

Our 3D wall Panel Systems are everything you can expect from a spectacular piece of art—they seize the attention and with their spatial effect take interiors to another level. These geometric tiles which come gilded in rich tones are perfect to amp up drama in interiors.

Perhaps you are only looking to create a strong focal point and keep the rest of the scheme tame—these 3D wall Panel Systems will add a stunning sheen whilst enabling you to work up an unforgettable design moment right from the get-go. Here are some of our picks:


When you want to launch into a ‘no-holds-barred’ approach and yet maintain the discreet-ness that is synonymous with understated luxury—we’d suggested our all-time favorite Luxe Tile design Luxor 2097. Best used as a floor-to-ceiling headboard, these decadent tiles with their cut-out gilded structures will elevate your bedroom lusciously to cozy new heights.

They also create the perfect jewel-toned pizzazz in spaces calling for a grand welcome and/or starting point. Office owners, take the cue. 


While we tend to associate gold with high-octane, uninhibited luxury—but it also has another personality to it. The meshed texture of our designer luxe laminate 471/100 looks like the cover of a very old tome wrapped in golden burlap. We love the old-world feel this texture brings about.

It would be lovely to see an heirloom piece of furniture come to life with this spectacular laminate, don’t you agree?


Looking for something that’s more nuanced yet full of complex details, take a look at New Crisp Gold 804/252 from Homapal’s Trends Collection. The tantalizing golden hue which glints from the intricate veining complements all kinds of styles from modern to maximalism to midcentury modern. The organic patterning on its surface is apt to bring focus on walls, architectural details, and furniture.

When it comes to decors dripping in gold, there’s no dearth of options.To view our gilded showcase, please visit Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. You can also log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide-ranging assortment of surface decors. For personal assistance, you can reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

Defining The Ever-Evolving Modern Rustic Interior Style

It’s not every day that we get to have some sit-down time with our founder, Manish Maheshwari. So when we saw an opportunity for the same—we decided to make the most of it. After all, we wanted his observed inputs on a style that is ever-evolving and thus becoming a little elusive to define.

The said style is modern rustic interior and given our founder’s partiality for homestead-spirit-laced-with-urban-sophistication—we knew we were going to be plied with loads of valuable deets. 

Here are the defining characteristics of the modern rustic interior style


Paneled wall is too rustic interiors as breath is to humans—it’s the quintessential feature of the aesthetic. Any time you see a project imagined in this style, you are bound to find at least one picture showcasing a warm surround of paneled walls. Since we are talking about rustic interiors sprinkled with modern flourishes so that they are palatable to the urban dweller—we advise floral wall plaques or an oversized art to boast the best of both worlds.

Manish says, “Paneled walls lend an air of warmth and intimacy in rustic settings. It’s an unmissable architectural detail of this aesthetic. The embossed veneer panel, 2487 – BORKE in grey wood, from Holz in Form with its deep sections springs to my mind when I think about an ideal candidate to work up a charming homestead-steeped rustic vibe.” Point noted.


Since the rustic style overall is characterized by visual heft—the furniture used is chunky with strong, masculine silhouettes. Manish notes, “Rustic style places a great deal of emphasis on tactile luxury—where pieces are disarmingly down-to-earth, sturdy, and shabby chic. Nothing feels precious but familiar and reliable with a touch of old-world mystique as some of the furniture pieces are restored to remind the users of the story they lived in their past life.”

That’s true while we are big fans of dainty, feminine furniture—it, however, doesn’t fit in the stolid vibe of rustic.


The draw of rustic interiors as our founder says, “lies in its close-to-the-nature homely charm”. Whether you decide to go with the ubiquitous and traditional choice—wood or the most sought-after and luxurious material—marble, this aesthetic calls for elements that look and feel texturally rich.

“The linear irregular grain of RMD panel WPM 060, brings with it an authentic rustic character. Equal parts discreet and distinct, this striking panel will be as much at home in industrial interiors as it will be in a modern farmhouse,” says Manish.

Likewise, for those of us who love to feel the knots of wood and find the tonal intricacies of the grain therapeutic, our Plankwud panel C 03 Dark Hazel will be right up your alley.


After paneled walls, if there’s another time-honored feature of the rustic style—it has to be white walls. Whether you choose to have an exposed brick wall bathed in this pristine hue or go for an all-white, cheerful background with just a few art pieces hung and a seating ensemble in the foreground—we’d say, you will have instantly nailed this aesthetic.

“The French, especially, those living in the picturesque Provence, will swear by the freshness and magic brewed by white walls. White walls also admit copious amounts of sunlight which not only works for space but also the soul,” says our founder.

We hope you enjoyed chatting with our founder, Manish, as much as we loved collating the inputs for you. To view our showcase, please visit Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. You can also log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide-ranging assortment of surface decors. For personal assistance, you can reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

The Much in Vogue industrial Look For Modern interiors

If you are someone whose heart belts out happy songs as you walk into a space awash in more of a ‘behind-the-scenes-appeal’ than the ‘in-your-face-conventional-glamour’, we’d say welcome to the league! There’s something very hypnotic about interiors that are a departure from what we consider traditionally appealing—where bare concrete walls, weathered wood, and patinated metal are celebrated than concealed. Well well, we are sure by now you must have figured out what we are referring to—the style, of course!

This style revers the bones of the buildings; trains the spotlight on the structural elements; and basically lays it all bare—including the walls, ductwork, beams, and the whole interior enchilada which is painfully hidden beneath layers of cosmetic cover-ups. This blog post is dedicated to this raw and edgy aesthetic and how you can go about conjuring it in your interior—be it your home or office.


A stunning wall featuring Argento Antico and Old Copper VetroTec Acrylic Glass Panels reflects the fundamental canon of the industrial-chic style—minimal decoration. 

First and foremost, unlike other trending styles—the industrial aesthetic is all about a no nonsense approach. Surfaces used in this style are never over-the-top or bedazzle with opulence but convey a raw simplicity. Spaces are free of bulking furniture and layouts are open and allow for breathing—knick-knacks and decor accessories are few and unfussy.


An edgy partition-cum-shelf in Black Valchromat brings industrial flair in a living room.

The industrial style is all about unpretentiousness—restrained setups where nature is a big part of the narrative. Just like the wood fiber panels from Valchromat—they bring with them the distinct coarseness of wood and vibrancy of organic dyes. The unassuming vibe these panels emanate feels soothing and down-to-earth. This aesthetic also favors resuscitating life into pieces that are on the fag end of their lifecycle—say, when a wardrobe door is transformed into a coffee table. Valchromat panels are engineered by hewing to the principles of sustainability—the wood used is sourced from waste, residue from timber mills, pine, and recycled pine. Also, the panels are suffused with organic dyes that tick two important boxes—conscience and color!

A  sturdy kitchen island in Black Chopped Wood from Holz in Form range of Embossed Veneer Panels acts as nature’s neutral in this industrial scheme. These embossed veneer panels which come in the ravishing rugged textures of natural wood—are perfect to punch up visual intrigue into the mix.

When it comes to the color palette, the industrial-style stays decidedly towards the neutral side of the spectrum. We reckon it makes things easier as the palette is narrower and not a lot of time goes into hashing it out over the colors to choose from. Black, grey, brown, and white are the hues that dominate this style. Just because the palette is limited doesn’t mean it gets all lackadaisical.


Conveying a steampunk-inspired edge is a stunning pure Stainless Steel laminate 600/600 from Homapal. The lustrous discs featuring anisotropic reflections create a spectacular interaction of highlights and shadings—an effect that makes it decidedly industrial in appeal.

There’s no industrial style without metals, period. Whether you go for metals possessing a visual record of the effects of time or on-trend metals that ‘feel in’ with the modern times—metals are the quintessence of this aesthetic. Think beautifully distressed brass knobs or metal pendant lights with dinged surfaces.

If you are looking to create this aesthetic for your residential or commercial project, we’d like to invite you to our Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi to help you cherrypick surface decors for your industrial vision. You can also log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide-ranging assortment of surface decors. For personal assistance, you can reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

Maritime Magic For Monsoon

With the Monsoon in full swing, we can’t help pining for the magical coastal lifestyle. We often spend inordinate amounts of time ogling at Pinterest boards featuring pictures that brim with the Mediterranean magic and are leavened with the sophistication a la French Riviera.

Nautical interiors are officially are our thing, with that being said—we like it when the nautical aesthetic doesn’t strain for effect and is sprinkled with just the right signifiers. In other words—we find it refreshing when our favorite interior style is away from cliches like the seashells and the anchor theme overload. We love it when the vibe is breezy and clean and edited down.

So how do we go about nailing this nautical aesthetic then? Let us give you a rundown of the coastal scene that we have the softest of the soft spot for.


Of course, the blues are a must. And while navy blues, turquoises, and teals have been the mainstays—we suggest going with one stellar pop that conveys the theme you are trying to portray whilst enlivening the interiors. Take C 15 Dark Blue from Plankwud, for example. This vibrant hue will promise a bright look on a bleak day (we would need a cornucopia of it because of the overcast skies) as well as foster a sense of space for an airy appeal.

These self-adhesive meticulously crafted indoor wood panels are super easy to work with—you can go with one dominant color or use in combinations—we’d recommend C 15 Dark Blue and C 02 White in an alternate vertical configuration for a soothing cascading effect.


For a dominant industrial or tropical look, dark-hued exotic wood species are a natural choice. However, when it comes to the nautical style—distressed, salt-kissed weathered wood is favored for its bleached-out appeal. Jibing well with this criterion is 2578—Rough Old Wood from Holz in Form.

Its worn smooth look works especially well for cramped quarters when space is a scarce resource and dark wood isn’t an option as it is known for shrinking the settings. This deliciously weathered embossed panel will complement an entryway console and set the stage for the #beachyfeels right from the outset.


That’s the thing about objet d’arts—you stumble upon them and fall in love with them instantly. The sweet feeling of finding jaunty pebbles on the beach reminds one of the time fun and frolic spent by the sea. Apothecary jars with starfish, conchs, and sand, time-worn, distressed mirrors, chinoiserie canisters, antique enamelware, et al.

A little bit of vintage nautical magic with that gloriously wear-and-tear allure—well, of course—homes are indeed shabby chic and have a stripped-down appeal making them casual and welcoming.


Wall art showcasing the beautiful seascape. Frothy white backwash breaking on the shore—doesn’t it make you want to drop everything you are doing right now and rush to the nearest beach?! Another important thing for all those who find themselves in a color conundrum—when you aren’t quite sure about what should be the palette of your interiors—take cues from your gallery wall.

We love the bespoke feel of this cozy corner—the vertical seascape prints add a sense of symmetry to the setup. Chaise lounges in a face-off with each other seem like a perfect seating for those who love to revel in the literary world in their free time.

We hope you like these ideas as much as we loved putting them together for you. You will find oodles of inspiration and creativity at our Ventura Architectural Experience Centre. Visit us today in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi to see our variegated showcase. You can also log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide-ranging assortment of surface decors. For personal assistance, call us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

#HappyHygge: Invite earthy elegance with Nature’s Signature veneers by Duro

Hygge pronounced “hoo-gah” is a Danish lifestyle concept that encompasses all things warm, cozy, and nice. We instantly took to this concept as we are historically known for helping trade professionals and clients enwrap their spaces in the kind of a fashionably fuzzy feeling that Hygge perfectly represents. Being the comfort-seekers that we are—our natural choice, therefore, is wood veneers—soothing colors, relaxing textures, and mesmerizing grains—the embodiment of sensual comfort. 
Veneers from Duro’s Nature’s Signature collection are the stuff that dreams are made of—we mean elegant and timelessly chic dreams. With more than 250 exotic species in Natural, Fumed, Dyed, Metallic, Distressed and Burl categories—this collection is India’s largest selection of A+ grade natural veneers.
As there are different strokes for different folks—there are unique veneers crafted under the gimlet eyes of the expert to appeal to a variety of interior styles. 

For interiors that are a mashup of traditional and contemporary—a strong, deeply hued veneer works like a perfect springboard to ground the overall scheme. Take this dining nook here, for example—we love how Santos Rosewood from Nature’s Signature anchors the space whilst providing contrast to the two-toned dining chairs. This place radiates organic warmth, so it’s giving us major #HyggeGoals!

This double oven wall cabinet here in White Oak from Nature’s Signature drips of the pared-down appeal that Hygge is associated with. The White Oak veneer is light-toned and has subtle veining which effortlessly jibes with farmhouse-style kitchen. It’s equal parts sophisticated and rustic and pulsates with inviting comfort. 

This statement wall in the conference room here brings a compelling yet easy-going vibe to a space that is otherwise thought to be solemn. The paneled veneer, Fumed Oak, from Nature’s Signature in a brick-style laying formation is the warm signifier to the industrial style’s streamlined coolness. This disarmingly down-to-earth conference room hits the nail on the head when it comes to modern minimalism.

What happens when the steely cool elements interact with the warmth of wood? A glimmering, glamorous vibe results as seen here. Clad in Satin Walnut veneer from Nature’s Signature—the walls with their airy elegance—perfectly balance the visual heft of the metal adorned elevator doors. Metal and wood—as they say, is a match made in heaven and we are totally digging it!

Being die-hard fans of traditional schemes, we can’t hold ourselves from mentioning at least one of them in our blog posts. So here it is—we have our heart set on American Walnut veneer from Nature’s Signature by Duro as we believe it just looks as if it was designed specifically to be teamed with the good old traditional style. The island and cabinetry clad in this veneer make this kitchen feel calm and complete. What we also love about this veneer is that despite its strong presence—it doesn’t overpower and lives harmoniously with other elements. 
As we said earlier, there are over 250 spectacular veneers in a dizzying array of finishes—you will, therefore, need to pay a visit to our Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi to see them in all their glory. You can also log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide-ranging assortment of surface decors. For personal assistance, you can reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free). 

Mix Those Metals: Pro Tips On How To Pair The Newly Launched Homapal Metallic Laminates With Other Materials

Contemporary interiors turn convention on its heads—be it in terms of new finishes, accents, silhouettes or materials. Another defining characteristic of this aesthetic? It teaches us that there’s no rule set in stone including that metals can’t coexist harmoniously with other materials! In the true contemporary style, we are going to bust this myth and show how wonderfully well metals can work with other materials, even tones within their own brethren! 

Metal with Marble

Although milky white grainy marbles meld nicely with gold-hued metallics—for a modern opulent mix, we’d recommend juxtaposing their warmer tones with each other. When using the same undertones, make sure you are playing with the textures for a dramatic interaction. Adorning the reception desk here is the Classic 471 Polished Goldtone from Homapal. We love how its glossy finish complements the gilded veined patterning of marble. 

Metal with wood

If you ask us, we’d say metal and wood is a match made in heaven. The warmth of the wood commingles magically with the coldness of the metal resulting in a satisfying balance. The elegant micro cracked surface of Homapal’s New Crisp Anthracite 809/252 strikes an interesting partnership with the contemporary elegance of the whitewashed wood flooring. 

Metal with exposed elements

A sense of urbane sophistication pervades this bistro as the coarseness of Homapal’s latest laminate Brass Moon 500/502 gets together with the refined rawness of exposed brick walls. Metals, especially those in antique copper and brass get along really with the laid-back, undone feel of the exposed elements of the factory-chic aesthetic.

Metal with leather and wood

The coming together of wood, leather and metal accents in interior design brings to life a classic composition. Handsomely weathered metal with leather accents looks perfect when trying to achieve a luxurious look. When paired with wood and leather, metal looks spectacular while creating a visual harmony owing to the discreet nature of the two materials. Look at the just-launched Copper Diamond Antique 690/340 from Homapal on the wall—it sets off the leathered seats and wooden legs of the bar stools.


A Primer on Embracing Maximalism

You may have caught this word in the glossy pages of an interiors magazine or watched a designer enthuse about it at length—maximalism is everywhere. It has become a ubiquitous phenomenon, enthralling even the fashion world with its no-rule-set-in-stone approach—where both the creator and user revel in unbridled creativity. In other words—maximalism is like this pure unadulterated outpouring of richness and expression. Freedom best describes this design movement that has seized everyone’s imagination at the moment. 
Your personality, emotions, and inspirations take centerstage—it’s like stepping into an expressionist’s canvas—where everything is exaggerated and in excess; be it colors, forms or storytelling—albeit in a tasteful way. Given our personal predilection for this trend (no no, we haven’t forsaken our minimalist morals), we thought why not give our readers a primer on how to embrace this trend. 
Here’s how you can hitch your wagon to this trend en vogue—

1. Trying in bits and pieces 

Image Source – Pinterest

While maximalism does necessitate going all bonkers with design elements—if you are doing it for the first time, we would suggest you take things slowly and in small doses. The good place to start this with is colorful cushions—oversized botanical prints awash in jewel tones; if you have a couch in a neutral tone, tossing in a few colorful cushions will instantly catapult your space into prominence. Another ingenious way to embrace maximalism safely and effectively—using vibrant wallpapers on stair risers. 

2. Using luxe finishes

Image source: Ventura

 Since maximalism is all about decadence—the materials used in interiors need to be deliciously luscious. And when we think about it—we can’t help stop thinking about our very own Luxe Tiles. These faux leather tiles which are characterized by life-like leather grains are equal parts pretty and polished. They are easy to install and are texturally rich—super soft to touch as well as visually arresting. Our Luxe Tiles are wear-resistant and can be used in wet, dry, and cold areas of your interiors for years to come.Look at this statement wall here. Featuring intricate rosettes on the surface, these tiles are adding a touch of opulence in the living room.

3. Sticking to a theme 

Image source: Pinterest

 While that’s true that you can go wild with your design choices when it comes to maximalism—the truth is—there is some method behind that curated chaos. Which is why it’s important to stick to a theme and build your maximalist narrative around it. Let’s say if you are someone like with a strong liking for jungalicious vibe—large florals, homespun folksy art—then let it guide your storytelling so that there’s a sense of harmony in all that visual riot of colors, textures, and silhouettes. 

4. Incorporating art that sings to you 

Image source: Pinterest 

The best part about maximalism is that it gives you free reins to put forth all your wildest of design ideas. That colorful menagerie of a wallpaper print you loved but thought was too much or that quirky wall mount you had your heart set on but didn’t have the nerve to use—it’s time to do it all. Everything and anything you thought was too bold or bright or shiny or massive—just bring it on!5.

Adding vintage accents

Image source: Pinterest

 With maximalism is that you can also inject some period drama into the mix. Think victorian, neo-classical, and rococo furniture—they look unabashedly glamorous and are comfortable, too. The best thing about vintage accents is that they elevate the mood of the maximalist setting and merge really well with other elements without sticking out like a sore thumb!
We hope these tips inspire you to experiment with the ‘it’ trend of this year. For sumptuous finishes, as we mentioned earlier, we got you covered. For that, all you need to do is visit our Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. Log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide array of products. You can also reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

The Allure of Rose Gold in Interiors

All those who dismissed rose gold as a feminine color must be mighty surprised to see its popularity mushrooming even in 2019. While rose gold first tickled the fancy of jewelry designers, it didn’t take long for the fashion and furnishings industry to pick the trend. Interior designers, especially, took to the trend like a duck to water—this can be ascribed to the warmth and universal appeal that the rosy-hued metal carries with it.

They say not to view the world with rose-tinted glasses. However, who wouldn’t want to adorn their space with this rose-tinted hue? Brushed Rosegold from Homapal is a delectable metal laminate that will help you bring a sense of serenity in your interiors

We fell head over heels with it even before it actually came under everyone’s radar. Thanks to our channel partners, this metallic trend had started showing up before it officially became mainstream—which is before 2015. 

For a more discreet incorporation, we’d suggest going with New Crisp Rose, a stylish metal laminate from Homapal. Its dainty veined surface will enrich your cabinets, windows, and kitchen backsplash. 

Rose gold gets its charming rosy hue due to the copper content. The dainty pinkish color is now working its magic as a neutral in interior settings despite the earlier notions about it being on the feminine side. 

If you are looking to introduce this hue in a more textural and glamorous way, we’d recommend this fetching metal laminate, Polished Lava Tea from Homapal. 
There’s something warm and comforting about rose gold—we believe we all can use this in spades given the complex times we live in. From a pyschological viewpoint—colors leaning towards rose family are known to convey feelings of compassion, warmth, and tranquility. 
We believe this subtle metallic resonates with our sentiment to seek calmness and harmony in the world we live in. It’s plain satisfying to have your home or commercial space decked in a color that echoes the feelings you want to surround yourself with. 

Look at our gorgeous faux leather Casa Panel in rose gold here. This elegant grained decor looks best in interiors that call for restrained elegance. 
On the opulence front, too—rose gold ticks all the right boxes. It looks stylish in any conceivable interiors style but more befittingly in aesthetics with a pared-down and minimal approach as that’s where this hue gets its moment to shine. We imagine it decking up the wall of a bar where it sets off the leather upholstered bar stools and upping the ante of the overall vibe. Or perhaps, prettying up the reception desk of an uber cool office. Or enriching an entryway cabinet with its ethereal elegance. 

Equal parts minimalist and modernist, Sapphire Rosegold—a chic metal laminate from Homapal’s Trend collection is perfect to envelope your vertical spaces
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