Mi Casa Su Casa: Faux Leather Panels To Up The Ante Of Your Interiors

It’s rare to find a material that can encompass both the extremes of the luxury continuum—leather can do that elegantly. Whether you want it to conjure up the sensual, feral appeal in your interiors or want it to soften the overall ambiance of your space, leather will be able to do that just in a heartbeat (well, let’s say after you install them completely).

What better way to communicate luxury than with faux leather panels? Our Casa Panels are just the answer and an alluring one, that too. Enriched with intricate texture and grains, Casa Panels are a go-to choice for interior designers who need to convey a decadent mood albeit in a tastefully sensuous way. As opposed to plain wallpapers or paint—which can make your walls appear too tame or boring, faux leather panels will, decidedly, make it spring to life—all thanks to their vivacity and rich warmth.

Since we always keep our eyes peeled for the latest interior trends, we were totally delighted to find leather accents making a resurgence. To be honest, we don’t think, leather can ever be out—it’s a pure classic that has and will continue to prettify spaces for years to come. So where all would our Casa panels look good? Well, if you ask us—we imagine a cozy home office with a wide wall behind the desk enveloped in the lushness of faux leather. While our Crocodile White and Chocolate shades look professional and polished—we’d recommend trying our recently introduced color palatte ranging from fresh turquoise hues to earthy tones to elevate your office space to a different dimension of contemporary classiness.

Another way of making a splash with faux leather panels is going the full throttle way—meaning using them with abandon in your living room. The beauty of Casa panels is that—despite their regal appearance, they don’t look intimidating and in fact, will help calm things especially if your interior is scattered with ornate pieces and hefty furniture. Likewise, if you just want one area of your living room to stand out, our deep turquoise Casa panel will make your space leap into action. We imagine it being set against a carved Provencal-style console—conjuring up a mysteriously sensual old-world appeal.

Casa panels can be used long term in wet environments—which means all your luxury will get fulfilled! If you want a lock, stock, and barrel modern Marie Antoinette look in your living room, bedroom and even bathroom—our richer faux leather panels which are moisture as well as termite resistant will help create a mood that’s downright dramatic and moody. The lighter tones will work particularly well with ceramics as well as marbles to keep things simple and light. Our Casa panels can be used for continuous wall coverage in residential, commercial, and hospitality environs. They are easy-to-install and can be bent 90 degrees—which means they won’t cut or get scuffed! Also, you don’t need to bend their edges to finish the corners.

From “Meh” to “Wow”: Transform your Interiors with 3D Wall Panels

In the realm of interior design, where trends wax and wane in a heartbeat, it’s refreshing to see 3D wall panels continue to reign supreme. Whether you want to have an imposing wall in your home that anchors the overall interior scheme or wish to cast an enchanting first impression on your clients as they walk into the reception area, 3D walls are the befitting statement-making features. Equal parts sumptuous and stylish, 3D wall paneling is the best way to breathe life into lifeless walls.  

If we were to point out one thing in particular that we like about 3D wall panels—it has to be their commanding presence, which removes the necessity of excessive decoration. When it comes to designing modern living environments—be it commercial, residential or hospitality, interior designers and architects are looking for decor ideas that are thoughtful and help them reinforce the overarching style of the spaces. On this front, 3D walls not only have an ‘arty’ feel to them but also imbue a sense of dynamism wherever they are installed.

From subtle repetitive patterns that will make a minimalist’s heart sing to dramatic irregular canvas delighting a true maximalist, our exclusive collection of 3D wall panels ensure that there is something for everyone—no matter what their preferences.  

So where all can 3D wall panels be used? Well, in addition to revitalizing blank walls in the interiors, they can be used to elevate outdoor spaces to punctuate the relaxed seating ensemble or lounge area. They can be used to inject richness, sculptural appeal, and depth to wall designs of showroom, lobby, entrance halls, restaurants, and more.  

Moreover, 3D walls can also be used to lengthen walls, underscore architectural details, hide flaws, and raise ceilings. They can make spaces look roomy with their enthralling spatial effect and modern geometric designs. Our varied range of 3D wall panels is visually hefty yet has an airy simplicity to them. Easy-to-install and maintain, they work wonderfully well in any interior style—from classic to contemporary, industrial to Nordic chic, to anything in between. A series of wall decorations from Turkey, these 3D wall panels will bring visual extravagance to your interiors. This stunning range comes in a variety of finishes in geometric patterns—which gives it an edgy “futuristic” feel whilst being on-trend. 

“Spline” from 3D Walls is an intriguing panel featuring a 3D visuality inspired by the moving of splay lines. Manufactured using a high polymer technology, Spline is strong and durable and a popular choice of interior designers to deck up the reception and lobby area. Another good thing about it? It can also be complemented by LED lights to give a stunning visual appearance to the area. 

Another favorite of ours is “Norm”. Featuring three-dimensional hexagonal tiles, “Norm” is an elegant version of the honeycomb pattern that is available in both glazed and matt finishes as well as different colors. Their angled faces lead to a nuanced symphony of shades and can be arranged to create subtle images and graphics. 

Penta is a complex coming together of convex and concave lines, which create a bewitching illusion of depth for walls. The unique interplay of lights and shadows can imbue a variety of interior spaces with sheer magic.

Those seeking a modern romance slant in their interiors will be blown away by the polygonal geometry of Mable. The visual poetry of understated shades flows soothingly when the natural light delicately reflects off the polygonal tiles.  If you want to enliven your interiors with 3D walls panels, our handpicked selection awaits you! To know more visit our website: www.venturaindia.com