Minimalist Musings: Veneers For Spaces That Follow The ‘Less is More’ Tenet

We have been gagging for putting together a blog post where we could just talk about the interior style for we which have historically had a weak spot for. And guess what? This happens to be that blog. Yes, we are going to be discussing our heart out about minimalism. 

We are well aware that the world around us is waxing lyrical about maximalism and while we love feasting our eyes on bold patterns and lively colors and ostentatious details—we cannot get minimalism out of our system. Minimalism is like second nature to us. “Less is more” is an aesthetic ideology that many equate with sparse decoration and getting rid of everything one possesses. Minimal adornment doesn’t mean that the spaces look bereft of life and character. And as for discarding, we’d all agree that as urban dwellers, we could be doing ourselves a huge favor by bidding adieu to that which doesn’t serve a purpose any longer.

 There are ways you can embrace this approach with surface decoration that is texturally rich and imbue your spaces with a sense of warmth, comfort, and everyday elegance. So like there are different strokes for different folks, there are certain design characteristics of minimalism that resonate with different minimalists. See what strand of minimalism you take a shining to—

The Fundamental Minimalist

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The Fundamental Minimalist is someone who swears by the tidying secrets popularized by the Japanese cleanliness doyenne, Marie Kondo. Whilst clutter-free and airy simplicity floats their boat, they, however, crave for warmth, stability, and familiarity—all of which is aptly embodied by OLD NATURE from the Holz In Form collection of Embossed Veneer Panels. Its rustic refinement is enhanced by its charming look inspired by the typical structure of old wood. We love the homely vibe it is working up here in the kitchen. 

The Modern Minimalist

The Modern Minimalist is someone who is lusting after tantalizing textures that soothe senses. In this day and age of technology where we tap our fingers on our digital screens, the draw of running our fingers on a textured surface is just special. The calmness and balance that interiors can achieve with tactile veneers is something that we all can also use in our busy lives that’s divorced from nature! Look at the vanity and floating cabinets in this master bathroom. Enriched with SISAL from the Holz In Form collection of Embossed Veneer Panels, it looks like a tranquil bolthole.

The Big Impact Minimalist

Minimalism is all about creating a big impact with fewer objects and touches and that’s exactly what SCHILF from the Holz In Form collection of Embossed Veneer Panels does. Black adds depth to spaces and opens them up. When you use a strong color like black, it naturally removes the need for superfluous ornamentation. If you are a Big Impact Minimalist, you will probably be looking for darker toned surfaces that won’t lose their magnetism even after a decade.

Beauty In The Imperfectly Perfect: Veneers From Holz In Form To Bring The Outside In

The Japanese aesthetic philosophy of Wabi-Sabi is something that we totally subscribe to. We seek beauty in that which is imperfect, raw, and tentative. We believe that it resides in the most modest and unassuming places—one place where it lives in abundance—is nature. 

In nature, beauty can be found in the sculpted shapes of sand dunes, in the pastel gradient of the twilight sky, in the sun-kissed ocean ripples, so on and so forth. But if we were to put our finger on one particular form of beauty that makes the inner tines of our heart hum—it has to be that of wood. While we have always found ourselves fascinated towards the gnarly grain of the burled wood—there’s another texture that has caught our attention. And that is the flawed, irregular texture of the bark. 

Here’s presenting “Borke”, German for bark—an exclusive nature-inspired collection from Holz in Form. Raw yet refined, it authentically captures the outer layer of the bark of a tree In order to ensure that the texture of tree bark is faithful to reality, these texturally rich embossed panels feature a jagged surface that has a natural rugged feel.  Simply put, Borke will bring the vitality of outdoors in—this will not only enrich your interiors but will also soothe your senses. 

Warm and characterful, Borke is imbued with a mix of deep tones and textures. Its appealing weathered look helps bring the outside in—there’s no denying about the calming effect they create in interiors. Borke is an ideal option for paneling and door necessitating an ‘au naturel’ look—they tick off all the right boxes—harmony, sophistication, and authenticity. Borke can be used to enhance an accent wall and storage units—not only will create a sense of continuity but will also amp up the tranquil vibe of your interiors.

If you are someone like us with a strong penchant for Scandinavian-inspired minimalism, we believe you will have all the more reason to fall in love with Borke. When you have the said interior aesthetic—the spotlight is, naturally, focused on the textures and Borke offers that in spades. Another good thing about these beautiful veneers in delhi is that as much as they are commanding on their own—they also pair well with concrete and chrome. Perfectly offsetting the coolness with their innate homespun warmth—Borke veneer panels are a must-have for interiors calling for rustic, modern-farmhouse interior style. 

While it’s true that Borke’s visual richness makes it an obvious choice for interiors with a pared-down aesthetic, it also lends itself as an alluring counterpoint for contemporary and transitional settings. Whether you use it to enhance your bar counter or to dress an in-built wall wardrobe, Borke will make it as comfy and cozy as it can be.