Having a free space to let the light overpower the furniture has been trending of late to bring in positivity and simplicity coupled with sophistication. The world is noticing a storm of minimalism, and unique techniques to bring in the change has been trending recently.

This article will cover basic techniques that you can use to adopt minimalism in your interiors

●     Setting a thumb rule – Less is more!

It’s appropriately said that “minimalism is about an intentional search for happiness” and hence for the same, to showcase in our daily life, we need to set a thumb rule – Less is more. Understanding and genuinely adopting less will turn to be more in terms of everything. It can include anything from furniture to fittings to utensils and much more. Just focus on what you need, nothing beyond that.

●     Inculcate minimalism in day to day life

Once your lifestyle on daily bases encompasses little things and simple living, the same mirroring effect will be seen instinctively inside the houses. For example, you need not put a whole collection of colognes in your dressing, when you need just one. Simplicity involves unburdening your life and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high-quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.

●     Maximise the usage of storage

The less you show, the more you are a minimalist. We all have a lot of past fixtures, clothes, furniture, etc. which we do not wish to throw away at once, hence utilising stores for archiving unwanted stuff is necessary. This will ensure not just minimalism, but sustainability as well. Also, with organising everything you might be able to optimise your daily utility and upcycling/recycling the non-required stuff.

●     Invest in quality

That’s a must! To remind you, minimalism is not about going cheap, rather its utmost luxury. Always remember, the quality of a product is way beyond everything. If you have invested in the premium quality interior, it will last longer and require minimum maintenance. 
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo da Vinci.

●     Adding a neutral/monotone tone

Neutrals throw the essence of minimalism. Paint your walls with neutrals and purchase products with a neutral colour to instantly flaunt that minimalist look. Also, monotones and minimalism go hand in hand. It’s classy, and it’s beautiful!

●     Cleanliness equals godliness

An advantage of minimalism is that you have a minimum to clean and maintain. But that minimum requires maximum attention because minimalism brings along that clean and precise aesthetic. One must not be carefree about it.

●     Make one in one out rule 

It is vital to have principles if you have taken a pledge to adopt minimalism. If you’re getting in one thing for your home, discard one item to maintain the balance. 

●     Use it or lose it 

Consistency in practising minimalism is prudential for a successful turnout. You can mark the items you have used for a reasonable period of time and give away the remaining for a better cause. 

●     Minimal Decor 

Invest in some premium architectural surfaces for the focal areas of the house. Keeping it minimal is the golden rule here. Minimum but the absolute best to match the theme and aesthetic of your home. Also, this might be a long term process and not something you want to do in one go, keep getting rid of the extras (showpieces, frames etc.). Your motivation should be to invest in premium luxury and all attention for the same.

●     Curtains can play a crucial role too

Colours of curtains are as important in nature as the product itself! Make sure to have monotone and simple curtains, serving just the purpose it is supposed to. 

Benefits of having minimalist interiors include:

  • Improved overall aesthetic
  • Better visual appeal
  • Financial Freedom
  • Easy upkeep and clean
  • Most notably, good for our planet

Hence, the sooner you begin your journey towards minimalism, sooner you will be able to live a life which will take you to the path of rightfulness!

About Ventura International
Influential, progressive and innovative, Ventura International is redefining the modern approach to architectural and interior designing products. Eclectic, luxurious and contemporary, Ventura’s products represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and are unrivaled for their quality and their punctilious service.
Today, the name Ventura has become synonymous with opulent quality and superior products.


Introducing yet another path breaking product from Ventura – Fiberwood Exterior Cladding. Choose a Modern yet sustainable & natural architecture with this extraordinary product.

A Cladding is a skin-like external finishing scheme or an additional non-load bearing layer that serves a dual purpose. It helps to shield the building’s interior from the harsh conditions of the season and makes the exterior decorative and attractive. The correct cladding helps keep the buildings weather-tight and cost-effective, providing thermal insulation while minimizing the difference in temperature within the building. It also helps to improve the acoustic and daylight indoor lighting.

You can choose several types of external cladding from — brick cladding, vinyl cladding, stone cladding, metal cladding, and so on. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Another emerging material used for external cladding is composite wood. Composite wood is already used widely in a lot of indoor consumer furniture products. However, with recent innovations, they have become more versatile. They are equally suited for the harsh extremities of the external conditions.

Fiber wood exterior claddings made from composite wood rely on state-of-the-art co-extrusion technologies. The technology helps produce strong amalgamate claddings from different source materials. The improved technology allows precise integration of the source materials and generation of stunning designs as dictated by the die.

One significant advantage of using fiber wood claddings has to be the environmental friendliness of the product. When the source material consists of 95% waste material, you already have a tree-hugging product you can be proud of—sawdust and plastic waste form the 95% raw material for fiber wood exterior claddings. You can make a conscious choice of helping the environment by using products made from recycled waste. Not to mention, these claddings are biodegradable. Should you choose to get rid of them in the future, you can rest assured that the claddings will recycle

Speaking of shelf life, these claddings are built like a rock, and they will serve you well for several years. Only few manufacturers offer 20 years’ worth of warranty against discoloration. The product is battle-tested in various harsh weather conditions, and it has stood the test of time. Also, the exterior claddings resists UV rays penetration and come with a patented waterproof film that protects the wood from moisture absorption and stabilizes the material. What’s more the boards are termite resistant. Only the latest co-extrusion technology is used to produce these highest quality claddings.

Ventura International is an exclusive supplier of these premium quality bio-sourced claddings. The 100% recyclable fiber wood exterior claddings come in a unique embossed natural texture and various colors like Royal Teak, Brazilian Ipe, Silver Grey and Slate Grey.  They have a modern open joint appearance and are quick and easy to install.

While being eco friendly and conscious about the environment is becoming more and more critical, Ventura International endures to deliver the same while making sure of modern and classy appeal.

About Ventura International

Influential, progressive and innovative, Ventura International is redefining the modern approach to architectural and interior designing products. Eclectic, luxurious and contemporary, Ventura’s products represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and are unrivaled for their quality and their punctilious service.

Today, the name Ventura has become synonymous with opulent quality and superior products.https://www.venturaindia.com

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Colors to compliment your home décor this season

The winter season is a perfect time to rejig your home decor and give it We are listing the highlight colors for 2021 below, Let us dig into some alluring ideas to get in cozy and cheerful vibe to our homes –

The winter season is a perfect time to rejig your home decor and give it that touch of warmth & hope for the coming year. By redoing just certain bits and pieces too we can add that grace & unique factor for the coming year. At our homes to magnify the beauty and bring in delight, we have listed exquisite recommendations in this article including Pantone’s colors of the year ; Illuminating, a Vibrant Light Yellow & Ultimate Grey

So if you are considering some changer around you, these are the colors to go for!

Let us dig into some more alluring ideas to get in cozy and cheerful vibe to our homes and feel the festive cheer coupled with heavenly dripping temperatures :-

  • Illuminating – A Vibrant Light Yellow

Accessories add the closing, however, all-important touches to your interiors for the winter. Yellow lamps are especially dramatic pieces in the winter because they indicate warmth and hope – the two factors everyone needs a little more of this year. Little trees and plants add color to an otherwise gloomy and dull atmosphere.

  • Ultimate Grey

The motivation to decorate your home for winter is about giving additional warmth and comfort to the family, especially as it is so cold and unpleasant outside. Stock up on things such as plush throws and fluffy quilts colored in grey and white and set them in your sofas and other seating areas. This way, each little corner will probably be ideal for snuggling and receiving warmth on those chilly winter nights. You will also wind up using less electricity as you will not be reliant on the heaters. Just be sure that you acquire items that contrast starkly from the couches, so you don’t seem to mix into the upholstery.

  • Neutrals

Neutrals go perfect in colder weather. When a sofa set just like the one in the picture is brought in the house to add element and jazz, a completely different atmosphere is created altogether. 

  • Brown

You might not be able to wrap yourself in them, but rugs which are brown add much more coziness and warmth to your house for the winter season. Their typical warmth and texture will be quite wonderful to the touch once the temperature drops. When picking carpets, proceed with colors that pop from the remainder of your color scheme. Have you got a room made mostly of dark shades of wood? Since rugs today come in all colors and sizes, you will have the ability to find the perfect one regardless of your room’s color scheme.  Ensure that you get anti-slip rugs if you install them on sleek hardwood flooring.

  • White

Just like carpets, white curtains provide you with a straightforward way to add dramatic adjustments to every space in your home. As you will probably need to change the design frequently, you might choose to acquire reversible drapes. So you simply have to turn the curtain to acquire a totally new look. It could be troublesome to modify every curtain you have only for the wintertime. Still, it is not like you need to change all of them at precisely the same moment.

The atmosphere around us plays a much significant role in our mood and our lives. After 2020, we all need to uplift our spirits and look forward to better times. Working on just some aspects of your home can be boosting for everyone in your family.

About Ventura International

Influential, progressive and innovative, Ventura International is redefining the modern approach to architectural and interior designing products. Eclectic, luxurious and contemporary, Ventura’s products represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and are unrivaled for their quality and their punctilious service.

Today, the name Ventura has become synonymous with opulent quality and superior products.


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Top Decor Tips From Our Frequent Design Collaboration

Unlike making a solemn pledge to shed off weight and hitting the gym regularly, if there’s one resolution that definitely has the potential of getting fulfilled—it is design overhaul. We all want our homes or broadly speaking, the spaces we spend more of our time in—to adopt a fresh point of view and don a look that reflects the mood du jour.

So while in our earlier blog post we talked at length about what interior trends are going to be ruling the roost 2020, for our next one, we wondered, “Why not approach some of our frequent design collaborators and ask them to dish on some stunning and seamless to incorporate decor tips for a quick refresh.

So grab a cup of coffee and keep your Pinterest boards at the ready if you must—to start compiling for references already!

– Mixed Metals

One of our longest design collaborators, Parag Jain from Design Affairs  who very graciously took some time off from his busy schedule to throw some light on how metals, which we are a perennial favorite trend, can be used in new ways to shake things up this season. He says, “You just don’t have to stick to one metal throughout your interior anymore. It is true that mixing metals is a decor trend that has been consistently on the rise but there’s a method to the metal madness. The trick here is to identify a dominant hue and support it with accents so that there isn’t a visual clash. Play with finishes, like say, a patinated finished with contemporary-edge gloss.”

Point noted. Take a cue from the mixed metal palette we came up with. We imagined a kitchen with a luscious backsplash in the spectacular pure Stainless Steel laminate 600/600 paired with the textured Copper 630. The interplay of coolness and warmth will yield an artistic look, for sure.

– Anchor your room with a statement wall

Of course, there is this one room or spot in your home with a big, bold “design moment” and decidedly stands out. But instead of going for a painted wall or botanical or chinoiserie wallpaper, how about an impactful 3-dimensional effect? Architect, Parag Jain says, “A statement wall with a 3-dimensional spatial effect is a sure-fire conversation-starter. In my opinion, complex geometric shapes in different shades create a visual symphony of light and shadow”.

Our 3D wall panel systems from Turkey are just the ticket! Seen here is Zeta which can be arranged in different combinations for an eye-catching maximalist look. 

– Non-homogenous textures for a raw yet refined aesthetic

There is something intriguing about surfaces that are perfectly imperfect. They look raw and refined, just as our design collaborator, Alex Jacob from Bengaluru puts it, “Non-homogenous decors salvage a room from looking too flat. Plus, the fact that people are always wanting to add a touch of rusticity in their interiors, rugged and non-uniform surfaces are a perfect choice owing to their alluringly “undone and shabby” appeal.

Our Valchromat panels which get their non-homogenous appearance from the wood fibers they are made of are an apt choice to concoct that unassuming yet elegant feel in your space.

– Fluted surfaces for a sense of movement

Fluted or reeded surfaces are enjoying a resurgence. They convey a sense of movement and rhythm in spaces making them a popular design element in all interior schemes from classic to contemporary. Architect Vishal Mitra from Adi Design with whom we have partnered on many residential and hospitality projects says, “Ribbed surfaces are used to draw extra attention to walls, ceilings, furniture, wainscotting, etc., and add depth and tactility to interiors. The best part of them is that they complement all styles of interior, especially in modern farmhouse and Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic for their clean-lined flair.”

Jibing with this decor tip to a T is our latest launch, Vald’art fluted veneered panels. Made on premium black Valchromat panels, these fluted surfaces pack a stunning decorative punch.

We can’t thank these designers and architects enough for sharing their valuable inputs with us. Now that you are equipped with the essential tips, how about visiting us to see how they can be implemented in your space! Visit our Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi to help you cherrypick surface decors for your industrial vision. You can also log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide-ranging assortment of surface decors. For personal assistance, you can reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

Interior Styles That Will Rule The Roost In 2020

There is no rest for the trends cycle. Every year, every season—fresh trends appear on the horizon and take the world by storm. Some are able to achieve the coveted “style” status while some peter out just as fast as they emerged. But that’s how it goes. The pendulum is forever swinging.

But with that being said, there are always those trends that burst in on the design scene with a bang and create an impact owing to their universal appeal. They resonate with the present-day global mood, cultural currents, and socio-economic developments. Trend forecasters know that better and that is why they don’t just base these observances on mere half-baked events or short-term flash in the pan moments but sentiments that are echoed all around the world.

Here’s a low-down on the trends that are gaining grounds this year—


How do you think Pantone came with their color of the year, Classic Blue? In the words of Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute, “We are living in a time that requires trust and faith. It is this kind of constancy and confidence that is expressed by Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on”, and we couldn’t agree more.

The current global lilieu is full of uncertainty and trepidation and in situations like these we naturally gravitate towards elements that give us a sense of hope and stability. And that’s exactly what this comforting hue does. It is both contemporary and nostalgic, genderless and seasonless and most importantly, pretty much acts as a neutral and lends itself as a soothing complement to throw furniture and accessories into sharp relief.


Under the ambit of this trend come all things warm, fuzzy, and honest. We are talking about a relaxing and laid-back ambiance that millennials have a thing for. Imagine uncomplicated modern silhouettes and treasured vintage finds surrounded by a mild, faded color palette—that is authentic pleasures for you. This is the style that leaves room for the occupants’ personalities to shine through.

This new trend will work like a hand in glove with modern farmhouse and rustic interiors. From our product repertoire, the designs that will fully do justice to this aesthetic are RMD panels, faux leather tiles, and Interart embossed veneer panels.


There’s flamboyance, opulence, and visual decadence but the operative word here is tasteful. You have a healthy dose of drama and glamour with elements borrowed from the ’20s and ’70s but with a more grown-up view. Rich metallic hues, characterful objet d’arts, statement furniture pieces constitute the essential “jazz” of this aesthetic.

When we try to picture this aesthetic in our mind, we can’t help but think about our 3D Wall Panels System and delectable metallic decors from Homapal. From adorning the kitchen splashes to creating a wow moment through statement walls, tasteful extravagance can be worked up anywhere in your interior.


What would happen if a Scandinavian were to collaborate with a Japanese on a design project? A mindful mingling of textures and colors would ensue and everybody would just love it. That is exactly what is happening at the moment as we type! Some are calling it “Japandi” while some “Japani”, we feel the latter has a ring to it.

What we really like about this elegant mishmash of two schools of thought is that despite coming from different parts of the world, they share an inherent connection with minimalism. Japani blends the perfectly imperfect philosophy of wabi-sabi with the rustic simplicity of Scandinavian design.

From our product mix the designs we reckon will aptly portray this new style are the beautifully handmade surfaces from Homapal’s Trend Collection and exotic veneers from Duro’s NATURE’SIGNATURE.

We hope you enjoy this breakdown of major interior trends as much as we did when researching and compiling it for you. How about you drop by our store at the Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi and we give you a hand in realizing your creative vision? You can also log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide-ranging assortment of surface decors. For personal assistance, you can reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

The Ease And Elegance Of RMD Wall Panels

As the season is slowly segueing from monsoon to winter, we believe a change in the interior is in order. Cold weather and Scandinavian/minimal aesthetics are like a match made in heaven. While the pared-down vibe is all about creating inviting comfort and that deeply satisfying “hygge” feeling—it also needs a strong anchor to add visual weight and warmth in your ‘less is more’ scheme. Serving all these aesthetic purposes along while packing some whopping performance features are RMD boards.

Allow us to familiarise you with RMD decorative boards—they are stylish, sturdy, and sustainable—in perfect harmony with our design beliefs.

So first things first, what are RMD wall panels?

WCP 041

To put it simply, RMD wall panels are statements waiting to be made. These water and termite resistant[1]  decorative panels come in a gamut of high-impact designs that are categorized in three collections: Majestic, Imperial, and Classic.

These panels flawlessly mimic the textures and patterns of their nature-rooted inspirations. The best part about RMD panels is that they can be installed directly on walls, without any need of a wooden substrate and unlike their traditional counterparts, they don’t perish and boast a host of protective properties that contribute to their durability. Factor in their performance features and this festive season—your walls will transition from vanilla to just wow!

Shall we jump in on the features now?

WPM 030

Right on it.

Don’t let the visual heft of these panels fool you—they are actually light-weight making transportation a hassle-free job! Which also means DIY aficionados won’t be out of their breath when installing them.

In addition to being water-proof, these panels are super easy to clean as they aren’t susceptible stain or any kind of damage. They can wiped clean with common cleaning chemicals. What also works in favor of these panels is the fact that despite the mesmerizing veinings they aren’t brittle as natural marble—which removes the nuisance of chipping.

  Can RMD panels be used in wet and humid areas?

Give design number

A BIG YES. Water-resistant properties, easy maintenance and no funny reaction against cleaning chemicals make RMD panels safe and stunning for wet and humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms.

Furthermore, RMD panels are suitable for making table tops, cabinets, doors, and modular office furniture.

You said they are easy to install?

Give design number used, and application place

We did! Surface decor projects don’t have to be a rigmarole or time-consuming tasks anymore. Those of us who enjoy DIYs will find RMD panels installation process easy and time-saving. For large-scale installations, we, however, recommend the assistance of trained technicians.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the process—

First, the wall surface is readied for panelling by scraping with proper tools and removing previous finish.

Second, the RMD panels are cut according to the desired size. Cement/PU glue is uniformly spread on the backside of the panels as well as on the substrate.

Third, the panels are firmly pressed onto the substrate by applying even pressure using a roller. For a cleaner and complete look, profiles can also be added.

You will be surprised to know what this whole process takes no more than 20 minutes!

Are RMD panels environment-friendly?

WPM 012

Yes, yes, and yes. Given that most of us are becoming increasingly mindful about the materials we choose in the spaces we inhabit and use—RMD panels will definitely ease your conscience. These panels are made as per international standards of sustainability and are recyclable. These beautiful alternatives to wood are addressing the global concern of tree felling for human consumption and making a strong statement for environmental empathy. Even during the manufacturing of these panels, efforts are taken to ensure minimum wastage and optimum energy efficiency.

We hope this blog post has whetted your appetite enough about RMD panels to visit us at the Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. You can also log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide-ranging assortment of surface decors. For personal assistance, you can reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

A Primer On Choosing Surface Decors For Kitchen

Deciding what surfaces to opt for your kitchen is easier said than done. That the core of furnishing our kitchens is predicated on utility with aesthetics, the real task is finding surface decor that achieves this ideal balance. Because—we don’t want our kitchen to look like a visual cacophony with elements crammed together but a coherent, put-together space that exudes warmth. 

After all, it’s the most important part of our homes and so it warrants research—which, good for you, we have done in order to make the process of selection a breeze. Whether you have stock cabinets or fully bespoke ones, knowing the following will come in handy—


Just because your kitchen is a strictly functional area of your home doesn’t mean it can’t have colors. If you want to add a fresh point of view or zest in your kitchen then what another way than some delightful hues. We imagine an energetic yet soothing color palette of Blue, Grey, and Light Grey from our exclusive curation of wood fiber panels from Valchromat. Shutters sited away from the cooking section can be clad in Valchormat fiber panels for a burst of fresh color. While the Blue will take the center stage, Grey and Light Grey will complement and contain the intensity of Blue to make it all look cohesive.


For those of you who are a little skeptical about introducing colors, there’s always texture to punch up visual interest in your kitchen. Whether you want to add depth or visual weight, a textured surface decor will anchor your kitchen while imparting a sense of intimacy to it. The kitchen island here which is clad in embossed veneer panel Chopped Wood from Holz in Form anchors the space and trains the spotlight on the prominent part of the kitchen.


No doubt that glossy surface decors are the first choice for those looking to conjure up an unabashedly luxurious feel in their kitchen. But when something looks do precious, doesn’t that mean high maintenance and compromise on performance? Well, that isn’t the case with VetroTec acrylic high glass panels from Otto, Germany. Offering outstanding resistance to abrasion and chemicals, these high gloss panels are especially recommended for demanding practical environments like kitchen owing to their hard-wearing properties.


Without a doubt, matt finish surface decors are a popular choice among those who want to keep things fail-safe and effortlessly elegant. With moderate to little to no reflectiveness—matt finish surface decors are perfect to imbue a sense of refined practicality in kitchens. Decorative recyclable panels, RMD work unbelievably well in the kitchen—all thanks to their water-resistant and stain-free properties. Produced sustainably, these panels are super easy to install (an excellent option for those who take pride in a good DIY) and basically are no-fuss surface decors which won’t make you break a sweat every time you think about cleaning them!


The magnetism of metallic finishes is irresistible. They look effortlessly sumptuous and lend an air of exclusivity to kitchen settings. The soft luster of metal finish laminates beautifully complements transitional schemes where you need a mix of old-school glamour and contemporary pizzazz. Our collection of Metal Laminates in Delhi are best suited for kitchen backsplashes, cabinets, shelves, and kitchen islands.

Like any of these ideas for your kitchen? We have more. Why not visit Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. You can also log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide-ranging assortment of surface decors. For personal assistance, you can reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

Decor styles 101: Dream Up A Festive Dreamland With Our Decor Guide

With the year drawing to an end, the days dotted with festivities set us up for the new beginnings that lie ahead. These are exhilarating times and what better way to spend it—than in our homes—in the comforting company of our family and friends!

As there are different strokes for different folks—we thought why not collate ideas for diverse tastes and design preferences? Whether you are more of a contemporary connoisseur or an industrial enthusiast, we have some decor tricks up our sleeves that will serve as a springboard for your festive appropriate design overhaul project.


This interior style decidedly leans towards formal classic elements, warm color palette, sumptuous soft furnishings, and character-filled period furniture. Intricate design flourishes abound in this scheme and a sense of storied history pervades because of a melange of objects that span eras and styles.

Our Luxe Tiles collection lends itself as a befitting background to hold together a rich interior style such as this. In here, the faux leather tile METEOR instills a plush ambiance into the living area. These water-resistant and anti-aging tiles are also suitable for wet and humid environments.


If you are someone who likes the informality and homely feel of country homes along with the comforts of modern life, you are totally in line with this style. Southern bonhomie is the kind of aesthetic that just feels grounding and serene whether or irrespective of whether or not you have many elements in the scheme. This can be ascribed to an earthy color palette which brings softness and invites tons of natural light inside.

Think of a casual farmhouse style juxtaposed with paneled walls, subdued damask patterned wallpaper, woody tones, stunning antique chandeliers, parquet floorings. The anchoring element in the bedroom here is Relief Wenge from Latho, Interart adds variety in terms of depth and texture. A well pulled together look ensues when commonality is established throughout the scheme.


This kind of aesthetic is a stylish mishmash of diverse colors, patterns, influences, and reference points. The trick here is to put together these disparate elements coherently and not make it look cluttered. Since each of the objects has a strong presence—the real challenge is for them to coexist harmoniously and not appear as if they are trying to vie for attention.

For a compelling starting point—wood fiber panels from Valchromat fit the bill. Impregnated with organic dyes, these wood fiber panels are available in pleasing hues perfect to add an eye-catching burst of color into your eclectic mix. Another advantage of working with these panels is their versatility—they come in a myriad of finishes including mat, bright, varnished, waxed, textured, et al giving you free reins to work up the eclectic vibe you want to. \


Contemporary aficionados often go for one stellar design moment which eliminates the need to add more objects into the mix. It could be a stunning wall art gallery, maximalist styling by grouping together oversized vases and curios, or what we like the most—geometric 3D walls.

Our specially curated collection of 3D wall paneling system from Turkey is an ideal choice for those who gravitate towards an aesthetic that achieves the Goldilocks rule in design—not too much, not too little but just right. With one spectacular area of interest in the interiors, it becomes easier to throw in accent pieces to reinforce your contemporary point of view.

Like what you see? Why not visit us at http://venturaindia.com/

Elements Of A Contemporary Kitchen

There’s nothing more charming than stepping into a kitchen that exudes the simplicity of a bygone period and beats with a contemporary pulse. Best Wall Panels in Delhi, that’s where the current style is headed towards. A dash of the good old homestead charm with a contemporary touch. We have always been huge fans of this kind of anesthetic. It’s just magical to be able to have a space in one’s home where the surrounding elements drum up a homey atmosphere. Such a cheerful vibe is totally conducive to delicious home-cooked food, don’t you think?

If you want to create or transform your kitchen into contemporary bastion, here are some elements with which you can nail this decorating trend.


Laminates in Delhi

No matter how you splice—the fact is, wood in contemporary homes doesn’t get the spotlight that it deserves. The easygoing ambiance that wood can conjure—no other material can and when you embrace wood with its natural, flawed beauty, the result is indescribably beautiful. Take a look at this sumptuously textured and grained2552 Trapez from Holz in Form. We love how the shelves and the countertop are oozing #snugfeels.\