Decor styles 101: Dream Up A Festive Dreamland With Our Decor Guide

With the year drawing to an end, the days dotted with festivities set us up for the new beginnings that lie ahead. These are exhilarating times and what better way to spend it—than in our homes—in the comforting company of our family and friends!

As there are different strokes for different folks—we thought why not collate ideas for diverse tastes and design preferences? Whether you are more of a contemporary connoisseur or an industrial enthusiast, we have some decor tricks up our sleeves that will serve as a springboard for your festive appropriate design overhaul project.


This interior style decidedly leans towards formal classic elements, warm color palette, sumptuous soft furnishings, and character-filled period furniture. Intricate design flourishes abound in this scheme and a sense of storied history pervades because of a melange of objects that span eras and styles.

Our Luxe Tiles collection lends itself as a befitting background to hold together a rich interior style such as this. In here, the faux leather tile METEOR instills a plush ambiance into the living area. These water-resistant and anti-aging tiles are also suitable for wet and humid environments.


If you are someone who likes the informality and homely feel of country homes along with the comforts of modern life, you are totally in line with this style. Southern bonhomie is the kind of aesthetic that just feels grounding and serene whether or irrespective of whether or not you have many elements in the scheme. This can be ascribed to an earthy color palette which brings softness and invites tons of natural light inside.

Think of a casual farmhouse style juxtaposed with paneled walls, subdued damask patterned wallpaper, woody tones, stunning antique chandeliers, parquet floorings. The anchoring element in the bedroom here is Relief Wenge from Latho, Interart adds variety in terms of depth and texture. A well pulled together look ensues when commonality is established throughout the scheme.


This kind of aesthetic is a stylish mishmash of diverse colors, patterns, influences, and reference points. The trick here is to put together these disparate elements coherently and not make it look cluttered. Since each of the objects has a strong presence—the real challenge is for them to coexist harmoniously and not appear as if they are trying to vie for attention.

For a compelling starting point—wood fiber panels from Valchromat fit the bill. Impregnated with organic dyes, these wood fiber panels are available in pleasing hues perfect to add an eye-catching burst of color into your eclectic mix. Another advantage of working with these panels is their versatility—they come in a myriad of finishes including mat, bright, varnished, waxed, textured, et al giving you free reins to work up the eclectic vibe you want to. \


Contemporary aficionados often go for one stellar design moment which eliminates the need to add more objects into the mix. It could be a stunning wall art gallery, maximalist styling by grouping together oversized vases and curios, or what we like the most—geometric 3D walls.

Our specially curated collection of 3D wall paneling system from Turkey is an ideal choice for those who gravitate towards an aesthetic that achieves the Goldilocks rule in design—not too much, not too little but just right. With one spectacular area of interest in the interiors, it becomes easier to throw in accent pieces to reinforce your contemporary point of view.

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A Primer on Embracing Maximalism

You may have caught this word in the glossy pages of an interiors magazine or watched a designer enthuse about it at length—maximalism is everywhere. It has become a ubiquitous phenomenon, enthralling even the fashion world with its no-rule-set-in-stone approach—where both the creator and user revel in unbridled creativity. In other words—maximalism is like this pure unadulterated outpouring of richness and expression. Freedom best describes this design movement that has seized everyone’s imagination at the moment. 
Your personality, emotions, and inspirations take centerstage—it’s like stepping into an expressionist’s canvas—where everything is exaggerated and in excess; be it colors, forms or storytelling—albeit in a tasteful way. Given our personal predilection for this trend (no no, we haven’t forsaken our minimalist morals), we thought why not give our readers a primer on how to embrace this trend. 
Here’s how you can hitch your wagon to this trend en vogue—

1. Trying in bits and pieces 

Image Source – Pinterest

While maximalism does necessitate going all bonkers with design elements—if you are doing it for the first time, we would suggest you take things slowly and in small doses. The good place to start this with is colorful cushions—oversized botanical prints awash in jewel tones; if you have a couch in a neutral tone, tossing in a few colorful cushions will instantly catapult your space into prominence. Another ingenious way to embrace maximalism safely and effectively—using vibrant wallpapers on stair risers. 

2. Using luxe finishes

Image source: Ventura

 Since maximalism is all about decadence—the materials used in interiors need to be deliciously luscious. And when we think about it—we can’t help stop thinking about our very own Luxe Tiles. These faux leather tiles which are characterized by life-like leather grains are equal parts pretty and polished. They are easy to install and are texturally rich—super soft to touch as well as visually arresting. Our Luxe Tiles are wear-resistant and can be used in wet, dry, and cold areas of your interiors for years to come.Look at this statement wall here. Featuring intricate rosettes on the surface, these tiles are adding a touch of opulence in the living room.

3. Sticking to a theme 

Image source: Pinterest

 While that’s true that you can go wild with your design choices when it comes to maximalism—the truth is—there is some method behind that curated chaos. Which is why it’s important to stick to a theme and build your maximalist narrative around it. Let’s say if you are someone like with a strong liking for jungalicious vibe—large florals, homespun folksy art—then let it guide your storytelling so that there’s a sense of harmony in all that visual riot of colors, textures, and silhouettes. 

4. Incorporating art that sings to you 

Image source: Pinterest 

The best part about maximalism is that it gives you free reins to put forth all your wildest of design ideas. That colorful menagerie of a wallpaper print you loved but thought was too much or that quirky wall mount you had your heart set on but didn’t have the nerve to use—it’s time to do it all. Everything and anything you thought was too bold or bright or shiny or massive—just bring it on!5.

Adding vintage accents

Image source: Pinterest

 With maximalism is that you can also inject some period drama into the mix. Think victorian, neo-classical, and rococo furniture—they look unabashedly glamorous and are comfortable, too. The best thing about vintage accents is that they elevate the mood of the maximalist setting and merge really well with other elements without sticking out like a sore thumb!
We hope these tips inspire you to experiment with the ‘it’ trend of this year. For sumptuous finishes, as we mentioned earlier, we got you covered. For that, all you need to do is visit our Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. Log on to our website to view our wide array of products. You can also reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).