Laminates that will make you go WOW!

Did you know that under great pressure, ornamental paper is compressed and layered on top of other layers to create laminates, a versatile and innovative surfacing material? Metal Laminates are a completely evolved and avant garde version of laminates as they use a real metal foil instead of paper !

Metlam Laminates are mesmerising!

This unique collection blends the strength of metal with the flexibility of laminates. It’s intended for use in vertical interior or ceiling applications where a unique accent or metallic appearance is sought. Metallic laminates are made by pressing metallic foils with phenolic resin-impregnated kraft paper core sheets.

The bright reflective face of these laminates gives the interiors a modern decorative appeal and gives the atmosphere a modern, sleek, and urban feel. Metalam is a long-lasting material that can be utilised in the hotel, gaming, and entertainment industries, as well as interior design, stage design, retail signage, display, cruise, and furniture industries.

Metlam Laminates offers a comprehensive range of laminates with true metal surfaces such as Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Brass, and Steel that are embossed in a variety of designs and textures and are internationally recognised. The Mirror range with spellbinding patterns and surreal depths and patterns have to be seen to be believed.

The Metlam series comes in over 150 different patterns, with finish options ranging from Brushed, Matte, Mirror, Patinated, and Magnetic, to name a few.

Advantages of Metlam Laminates

  • Metlam Metal Foil Laminates are sturdy and resilient, adding depth to your interiors.
  • It prevents dust particles from adhering to the surface, resulting in a clean and healthy environment.
  • When combined with a little ingenuity, modern design materials can help you decorate your home or business in a distinctive and sustainable way.
  • Laminate designs are so diverse that they may be utilised in any room panelling and for a variety of functions.
  • Placing solid laminate sheets in geometrical designs could be a creative method to decorate your indoor wall panels.
  • Despite the fact that laminates come in a variety of textures and styles, the power of solid colour laminates should not be overlooked.

Ventura offers a wide range of designs to satisfy your need for modern and opulent interiors. This carefully picked collection of Metal Laminates will meet all of your design needs in the most attractive way possible.

The collection is picked from the greatest design palettes of our leading international partners, including Dekodur of Germany.

This remarkable collection may be found being admired in retail establishments, hotels, restaurants, clubs, movie theatres, and shopping malls all around the country.

Ventura offers an exciting range of Premium designer laminates collection and one can get these designer laminates in Delhi easily.

So what are you waiting for?

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Minimalist and modern look to your home interiors with different shades of Grey

Grey is the new black! You must be very aware of this new fad which stands for grey being the new trendy color. And the exact go here with our taste as well. We have fallen head to toe for grey and for that reason we have brought you an exquisite range of different shades of grey. Minimalistic at the same time stylish and modern. What else one can look for in an element, right?

Moreover, for the people who consider grey a dull color, we have come up with the best shades of grey  which will revitalize their imagination. Grey is a color that is open to our translation in accord with our mood and personality. However, due to certain psychological establishments made over the years, some variables have enabled the users to look for that atmosphere even more passionately. Without consuming much of your time, let’s now get straight to some of our favourite shades of grey available here for you in our store.

  • Charcoal grey

The trendy Scandinavian style is a charcoal grey shade and is one of our top listed grey shades. This shade is prevalent for its warm and cheerful vibe. The veneer for walls drenched in charcoal grey scintillates the ambiance of your abode. This shade of grey turns the interior of your house into a cozy and warm space with its minimalistic touch. So? Do check it a go.

  •  Dramatic grey

Grey is always misinterpreted as a dull, boring, and dreary color. Contrasting to that, grey can also be a dramatic and daring shade capable of controlled conduct. The silver shade of grey is a goodly pick that animates your walls in a fun way. The decorative veneer plywood dipped in this shade is a perfect pick for spicing up your home interior.

  • Azure grey

  Grey mixed with a tint of blue is azure grey which vitalizes a cool, posh, and rich look. If you are someone who admires a neat, fuss-free, and fashionable lifestyle, here is your chance to shoot your arrows. This shade of grey is a neutral that pops out a look rich enough to make you go crazy about it. Here is an open chance to dip your head into the reality where the laminate sheets in azure grey are installed in your habitat.

  • Contrast grey

Grey is an alienated member of the black and white family. However, what they still share in common is their contrasting touch. Grey is a great follower of living and working up with contrasts. So, whosoever thought grey turns everything cold and dull, do rethink! The veneer wall panels, decorative veneer wall panels, and laminate sheets in Delhi plunged with contrast grey are some of our recent works. Do visit our online stores and make your eloquent picks.

The different shades of grey we just went through are some of our bests and the most favourite picks for you to choose from once and for all. The words opulent quality and superior products are the substitutes for the Ventura International.  By redefining the modern and trendiest approach to architectural products, we promise you the embodiment of elements. The veneers for walls, wood veneer laminate sheets, decorative veneer wall panels are our today’s blog’s centre. So kindly pay a visit to our offline stores in Delhi, as well as our online stores to check them out and take away your best suited ones.