How to accentuate the colors in your home

“Colours speak louder than words.” There is no better way to prove this saying than through your home interiors. Our homes reflect a true imagery of ourselves. We put our perceptions, ideas, and thoughts to practice when we plan to design our house. Often ideas feel incomplete as we just do not know how to use colors. Here we will tell you how to emphasize the colors in your room paneling. Ventura offers a wide range of interior and exterior panels with amazing pallet of colours to choose from, making your ideas into reality.

Make the room appear bigger or smaller

You may have the same space, but you can make it look bigger or smaller. All you have to do is to use the right colors in the wood panels. For spaciousness, you must use light colors for interior wall panels. By doing that, the surfaces reflect natural light. Eventually, the surface looks larger and airy.

Similarly, if you want to make the space look compact, you have to focus your attention on using stronger colors. This absorbs the natural light that enters the room. Your space looks enclosed and cozy. A perfect product to achieve this is Valchromat, a panel made of wood fibres coloured in the production process. The fibres are impregnated with organic colouring agents and chemically bound to one another by a special resin.  

Bring the ceiling down

Do you want your room to give a welcoming feeling? Especially in the home den or living room, the vibe of pleasantness is required. Here you can use decorative boards for walls that are dark. For example, you could experiment with various shades of dark brown. Maroon and pastel shades are also good alternatives. If you don’t mind then black and grey are also suitable. The dark panels would make your ceiling appear lower, and you would adore the effect it leaves. VALCHROMAT is an innovative product from Investwood, Portugal that combines the natural features of wood with the brightness of colours and, by virtue of its unique flexibility, allows unlimited applications.

Make the ceiling appear above

Certain apartments have a ceiling that is way down. This makes these spaces look small and claustrophobic. Usually, you would think you could do nothing about it. But by adding dark color panels on the wall and a white color panel on the ceiling will do your job. This accentuates the feeling of space, and any cramped-up sense is gone.

Add width to the room

Sometimes the corridors of our home look narrow and restricted. But if you want your home to have an overall inviting vibe, you cannot leave these corridors like that. Dark decorative interior wall paneling and light side walls will give that area a wide feel. You can use the technique for attics and places where the space seems to be somewhat restricted.

On the other hand, if you want to make a wall, shorter colors can help too. Just use a dark shaded wall panel for the lower part of your wall. This will make it look short and give a concise feeling.

Narrow the room

Again there are huge halls, and you would want them to look slightly narrow. Use dark color panels on the opposite sidewalls. Leave the ceiling in light colors, improving the proportions in a room where the dimensions are not balanced.

Also, you could highlight any particular wall. Just use a light beige or cream shade for the wall panels. On the opposite side, you can add dark-colored wall panels. This will give a starking appearance to your wall and home as well.

Summing Up

You can use Wall panels in light or dark colors that can totally change the look of your home. In case you want wooden panels for the wall in Delhi, you must contact Ventura India. We have a wonderful range and can offer 11-color option for Valchromat.

This variety would help you make the right decision for your rooms. Your home would reflect sophistication and luxury. Contact us now to know more about our products and how to experiment with them.

Add an element of glamour to your interiors with special textures

Your room is destined to be refurnished into a glamorous space from a dull space with well-done TEXTURES which decorative planks and laminates can accord. Embellishing the interiors of the room is not an easy coup but when done with the right supervision and that too with the right elements, it become a coupe de grace. Moreover, if you are someone who idolizes that extra whiff to everything, textured decorative planks and laminates should be your go-to choice. Wish to know why? Because Texture is a touch that turns your room into a fine vessel and your house into a lively place.  Altogether, a total delight for your senses.

Let us now dive right into some of the reasons to clear your doubt clouds and convince you to try out our exclusive range of textures.

  • Textures add weight to the casuals.

 Rich textures of decorative planks and laminates capture your eyeballs even from afar. Also, if you are into subtle and ingenious picks, decorative planks and laminates of  every taste are available as well. And would want to miss trying them out, right?

Particularly, the grey texture of the decorative planks is a royal choice you should add to your list. Apart from that, the Beton laminate or the decorative laminate come fro a premium range of architectural surfaces from Ventura International which furnishes excellent shades of grey. The Beton laminate with wide range of greys give minimalist and utmost modernness to your home interior.  So, think no more and opt for the trendy decorative planks in grey textures and our premium Beton laminate for wall covering, awaiting to be installed in the coveted lifestyle you always wished for.

  • Grey is our new SPECIAL.

Both decorative planks and Beton laminates in grey shades are our new favourites. Grey is chic, sophisticated, and elegant. Moreover, it is a subtle color that does not grab too much attention, and is a perfect choice if you are into chic and classy tangs. Grey can be dramatic, daring, and at the same time controlling in nature.  One who adores these qualities is deemed to fall for it. We are one of those which is why we offer a wide range of grey shades in our decorative planks and premium Beton laminates.

As we said before, textures add glamour. And if this glamour is given a tint of grey, it turns stylish, smooth, and versatile. In short, grey is a texture that radiates freshness! A texture that turns your habitat into a cool-to-be area with the company of our Beton range that offers brilliant shades of grey architectural laminate for walls. And the exquisite range of decorative planks, again, in grey texture creates an imperial impression that is bound to rule your house interiors.

  • Freedom to express your desires

At Ventura International, you get the freedom to express your desires and get them fulfilled into a beautiful reality through our authentic approach.

“Our decorative planks and laminates are making waves.”

The tagline speaks it all. The decorative grey decorative planks add grace to your space. The Beton ranges of laminates for walls are the allurements that never fail to mesmerize our buyers and we bet the same for you. Furthermore, your house needs the right treasures and we undoubtedly provide the best of them here.

Ventura International is the final destination for all your architectural needs. With the promise of perfection and unmatched craftmanship, we are unrivaled in our quality and our punctilious service. If the blog post was able to convince you of your demands, then do visit our store and explore our superior quality of products capable of turning you into a fan of our art.