Your living room should be the treasure chest of living

The living room is the place of our home where we create so many memories with friends, family, colleagues, and more. We all deserve a beautiful living room which makes us feel very good. You can make your living room very beautiful with the help of decorative interior wall paneling.

There are many design panels for walls, you can choose any according to your home design. It’s time to make your living room incredibly beautiful with decorative interior wall paneling:

Why use decorative interior wall paneling in your home?

Decorative wall panels for Indian homes are becoming increasingly popular as a way to upgrade the look of a room.

These panels can be mounted directly onto your wall and come in a variety of sizes. Typically constructed of watertight fiberboard, these may be further customised with an overlay of paper, laminate, or fabric.

Decorative wall panels have a number of advantages that make them a great option for Indian households. So let’s see why you should go for decorative interior wall paneling?

Easy installation

You must be aware that many common methods of beautifying walls in India, such as applying textured paints or hanging wallpaper, are labour-intensive, and time-consuming.

However, decorative wall panels are a fast and simple alternative because they can be mounted directly onto walls without any preliminary work. Within a few hours, professionals will set up the decorative interior wall paneling.


Decorative wall panels can be used to improve the look of your walls and, in turn, the entire room.

These panels come in a variety of natural textures like wood and stone, in addition to a wide variety of colours and prints, giving your room a whole new feel. You can use them to decorate an entire wall or just a section of it to draw attention to a certain area.

You can hide damaged walls easily

In Indian homes, uneven walls are a common issue. The walls are damaged and look very bad. Employing unskilled workers usually results in crooked and poorly finished wall surfaces. You would certainly not enjoy seeing an ugly walls in your living room.

Decorative wall panels can be installed over damaged walls to hide the imperfections such as peeling paint and flaking walls and help create a uniform appearance.

No one likes having wires hanging out, especially around their home theatre setup. Even if the rest of the furnishings in your home are flawless, this is a common issue in today’s urban dwellings. Wiring can be easily hidden behind decorative wall panels, which is both a clean and elegant solution.

Simple to take care of

When compared to more traditional options like wallpaper, decorative wall panels require less effort to clean and maintain. Most panels can be kept clean with regular use of a feather duster, soft cloth, and vacuum.

You can clean your wall panels with mild soap and warm water solution, but this will vary depending on the type of stain or splatter and the material they are made of.


Indian culture places a strong emphasis on reusing and recycling materials. Decorative wall panels are simple to install and remove without leaving any marks on the wall or the product itself.

It also means that you can take the panels with you to a new house if you decide to redecorate or use them in different parts of the house if you already have them.

There is a wide variety of wall décor options available. They are adaptable to a wide range of finishes, including paint, wallpaper, and moulding. Wall panelling is one such amazing option for transforming plain walls into eye-catching focal points.

You can easily get planks for wall in Delhi. You can choose from a whole new range of panel design at Ventura International for walls and make your living room look incredibly. So what are you waiting for, set a new level of luxury!!

Add opulence to your home walls

Are you looking for great wall decor ideas? If yes, then you have come to the right place because we are going to share with you a secret that will help in making your walls look glamourous.

The secret is CASA panels from Ventura, which offer exquisite texture that will make your home’s walls stand out. With the help of CASA panels, you can make your home look luxurious.

CASA Panels

Faux Leather boards with beautiful texture and textures are part of the stunning CASA PANELS collection. Their variety of patterns and treatments can be used to enhance the look of walls, ceilings, and furniture.

They provide a clean panelling around the tiles in the same faux leather texture that complements Luxe Tiles wonderfully. They’re water-resistant, fire-resistant, acoustic, and simple to install and maintain.

Casa panels are versatile and long-lasting, allowing them to be used vertically or horizontally. Without cutting or scuffing, these water-resistant panels can be twisted to 90 degrees. Casa Panels come in 12 stunning colours to complement your interiors, furniture, walls, shutters, tabletops, doors, and ceilings.

Faux Leather Wall Panels

The Fire Retardant PVC Board is followed by PU Foam, Faux (PU) Leather, and lastly a water-resistant surface in the creation of leather wall panels.

It’s smooth cushioning adds a touch of luxury to the design while also providing a sense of comfort.

In an effort to provide the best possible interior products to embellish the interiors of the Indian market, Ventura provides them to you at a great price.

Wall installations with leather Wall Panels are invigorating and beautiful from the outside. A component wall in leather wall panels is the most transformative thing you can do to any room panelling, infusing it with a captivating sense of class and grandeur.

They’re smooth to the touch, shiny to the eye, and dependable to use. Three layers make up this inventive product: an environmentally friendly PU leather on the front, a foamed polyurethane layer in the centre, and a water-resistant PVC tile on the back.

Leather indoor wall panels arts are created with a variety of stylish patterns and textures in leather surfaces, giving your room a noble and elegant feel. With imaginative lighting, some of the leather wall designs in brilliant diamond-like glasses affixed finish look sparkling.

Wall Paneling Maintenance Tips

Using a feather duster or a dry, lint-free cloth, dust the wall panels on a regular basis. You can also vacuum it once or twice a week.

Make sure the panelled walls aren’t facing the sun. When exposed to sunshine, fabric, printed paper, and laminate may fade. Install thick day curtains or drapes in any room that receives a lot of direct sunlight.

Splatters and spills should be cleaned up with a soft cloth and mild soapy water as soon as possible; don’t allow the stain to sit for too long. Do not leave alkali-based cleaning products or heavy-duty solvents on wood panels for an extended period of time.

To remove garbage and inspect joints, metal wall panels should be inspected once a year. Remember to replace any broken panels or trimmings as soon as possible.

Decorative leather design panels for walls are an excellent way to add colour, texture, and depth to a plain space and transform it completely. MDF, glass, vinyl, fabric, PVC, and other materials can be used to create these wall panels. A panel design for walls can also become the room’s centre point, illuminating it like never before.

So what are you waiting for? Get premium quality CASA panels and Faux leather wall panels from Ventura now and set a new level of luxury!!