Evolution of your interiors.

“As we evolve, our homes should too.” Evolution is the law of nature. Then why abandon your dream house behind in this splendour? Here’s how you can avoid this by augmenting the most pleasant, infallibly majestic, and lively elements from our chest to your home interiors. And turn it into a triumph for your and your guests’ eyes. There are tons of house décor elements, but the one we are here going to talk about is our newly arrived collection of exceptional laminates.  Laminates have always been a one-hand redeemer for the walls and floors of houses, offices, retail spaces, etc. But what if we say those traditional shades of laminates are quashing the evolution your walls desire? Now, this is where you might hit a snag. Of course- the newly arrived collection of our laminates will help your walls boost their charm in this case. But why should you choose our new collection? Keep reading you’re answer is here.

Laminates addvalue.

Laminates are developed by condensing ornamental sheets over other layers under huge pressure. They are glossy, sleek, and mesmerizing. Laminates are ever-evolving ingenious surfaces designed to provide warmth and comfort to your eyeballs. The laminates are made of 300 microns thick metal sheets, which is promising as per industry norms. Some laminates are combined with metal to add lustre and shine. Altogether, they add value, glamour, and elegance to any area they get installed.

Laminates are versatile.

Laminates are accessible in different shades and finishes. For instance, we have metal laminates, textured laminates, aesthetic laminates, etc. The laminates can be installed both indoors and in the vertical sections of your site.

 Metal Laminates are adequate if you want to develop resistance to your walls or ceiling. For eg: Polished gold tone, Mesh Bronze, Brushed Coppertone, etc.

AmberLaminatesis another range of our luxurious laminates that consists of embossed veneer texture products. A real wood veneer finish is the uniqueness of this range.

Beton laminates is one another range of laminates in our chest for you to choose from. They includea concrete & stone-based texture that adds glamour to your house.In short, a perfect pick for your abode.

Above all, the laminate range we provide is easy to clean, a feat to the eyes, and a show-off-worthy piece you can add to your abode.

Easy affordability and high performance

Laminates are easy to install, quite under your budget, and on top of all high on performance. What can be a better bid than this? Likewise, the new collection of our laminates is trendy, aesthetically appealing, reliable, and as mentioned before totally affordable. There are no excuses left to skip such a cool collection but only to grab them for your space.

Let your creative juices flow and choose your desired color, texture, and design personally. And get your personalized laminates accordingly.

Best pick for wall paneling

Architects prefer laminates over regular paints for room panelling. The reason being their durability, affordability, and high resistance against strain, abrasion, and scratches. As mentioned before, they are available in a wide variety which makes them everyone’s choice.

Laminates make wall paneling look effortless. And for that reason, we bet you are about to fall in love with our new collection.

Overall, laminates are the best option for your wall paneling, ceiling ornamenting, and for decorating any possible corner of your place. Ventura international assures you quality products and the upcoming II volume of our laminates is an addition to this effort. Do not extend more and hop onto our website and check out the designs. Let your house speak for you through us!

Alter the vibe of your space with Ventura Laminates

Your home reflects your ideologies and dreams. Naturally, when you design it, you want an effect that surpasses your imagination. Any home improvement task needs careful planning. It is not necessary that you focus all your energies on decorating the living room or using different colors for the walls.

Wall laminates are an exciting concept that can modify the entire look of your home. With new design ranges like Rebooted 2022 from Ventura, you can transform the offbeat places of your home into paradise. Have a look at how doing that is possible.

Lining the bookshelf

For ardent book lovers, their bookshelf is a place they decorate with pleasure. Line the back of the bookshelf with the laminates from Ventura. Use different colours and patterns as per the type of books you have placed there. This adds a subtle yet distinct look to the bookshelf and make you feel proud.

Work on the home bar

Your home bar is the place where you spend most of your glorious evenings. Use laminates and give an appropriate ambiance to the place. Create a sleek look by placing wall laminate sheets just behind the bar. Make the place stand out and look gorgeous for others to envy. You can use a mix of patterns or stick to just one style. Whatever you select, the effect should be striking.

Glamour to the storeroom

Often we add color and glitz to the entire home but forget the store room. Avoid making this mistake and see how laminates can come to your rescue. Work on the cabinetry and the furniture you have kept in the spare room. Your laminates would not only repurpose the furniture but grant it an exotic new look.

Rework on the entrance

The entrance of your home is what people see when they first enter it. The décor you use here would make your guests anticipate what lies ahead of them. Using stylish laminate sheets from Rebooted 2022, offered by Ventura, you can apply a variety of shades to the gallery. To this, add some matching furniture and decorative pieces, and you have created a masterpiece.

Accentuate the walls

You have probably created your walls in the traditional colors form. However, that need not be in the new scheme of things. You can create one wall of your rooms in the classic new age laminates for wall style. For example, if you want to give a rustic look, you can use medium tones with decorative laminates. Or maybe some bleached laminate to get a cottage-style look. Experiment with different concepts with the new Rebooted 2022 laminates from Ventura and experience the impact.

Decorative tables

Why not create something beautiful with the centerpiece table you have? Use laminates and that too in various patterns. Try geometrical shapes or maybe a pattern that no one can replicate. You could also use the laminates to create decorative pieces that you can hang on your walls. Whatever you decide, remember the Rebooted 2022 range has a lot to offer in terms of the ideas you require.

Summing up

As is evident decorative laminates are an excellent way of totally transforming your home. If you wish to buy Laminates in Delhi, you must contact Ventura. Their new collection, Rebooted 2022, has some of the most delightful choices in terms of design, patterns and colors. You can choose either a single pattern and color or shuffle with various choices. Reach out to Ventura and explore, with their vast and trendy collection, you will be spoilt for choice in making your home a delight to be in.

Embrace your space with Ventura Decorative Planks

Typically, the living room is the first room visitors see when they enter a house. The living room, which is the main meeting place in your home, occupies a considerable portion of the valuable property. It’s a common belief that our living spaces mirror our personalities.

Decorative Wall Panels can give your living room the amount of elegance you want by adding an air of mystery and fascination to the area. There is a large variety of decorative wall panels available, each with incredibly durable components and an infinite number of design options making your surroundings luxurious.

These wall panels offer the space a more upscale appearance while also adding a touch of your personality and a pleasing visual appeal. So what are you waiting for indulge in opulence and buy wall panels and make your place, a place of desire.

Ventura International’s premium collection

Are you looking at different options for the remodelling of the space within your home?

Installing Decorative Planks for walls are a great option to consider. Your living area may be completely reimagined in a short amount of time with the help of Ventura International‘s premium collection of Decorative interior wall paneling, the latest collection of which is available now as Volume II of their design range. If you are looking for Decorative Planks for Walls in Delhi, then Ventura is the company to contact.

Why Choose the Volume II of Ventura’s Decorative Planks?

Colours are the way to go

Colours not only serve as a reflection of your taste but as the primary factor in establishing the mood you want for a certain room. This is why it’s so important to put some thought into the design of your living room’s wall art. The vibrant colours liven up your living space while yet coordinating well with your furnishings. The new Volume II of Ventura’s Decorative Planks is just the right answer which brings colours to your life.

Colour palettes may be found in an almost infinite variety of tones to suit any preference. All sorts of colour schemes and patterns, from vivid to subdued to soothing, may be found here.

Engage in Pattern Play

You can’t go wrong by trying out different pattern combinations. Whether it’s a simple brick pattern or a complex arrangement of lines and curves, patterns have the power to influence people’s aesthetic perceptions. There is a wide variety of designs available, from subtle stripes to adorable wooden planks for wall in Delhi that make the room vibrant and fun.

The astonishing results that may be achieved in terms of contrast, colour, and visual intrigue can be achieved when patterns are carefully designed and implemented. Everyone who comes to your home will be in awe of the beautiful designs patterns of Volume II Decorative Planks from Ventura.

Cover Up Uneven Walls

Did you know that putting up decorative planks is the perfect solution to the issue of uneven walls? When the walls aren’t completed properly and aren’t completely straight, it may be quite noticeable. The imperfections in these walls may be hidden and the surface made to seem uniform by installing decorative wall panels. Our Volume II Decorative Planks are the perfect solution for sprucing up your living room and smoothing out any bumps in the wall.

Covers Up Wires

The cable lines that are visible in our living room are the source of the majority of the issues that arise there, particularly those that are located in the vicinity of our entertainment system. Covering these cables with decorative planks is the ideal method for concealing them, and decorative planks provide the right option for doing so.

The all-new range of Ventura’s Decorative Planks from the Volume II Collection has just been released by Ventura International. The collection offers you an extensive variety of wall panels that may make your home seem more elegant. Explore the designs in our Volume II Decorative Planks collection to soothe your taste and make your home place of desire. So what are you waiting for? Visit our shop in Delhi to get long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing decorative planks.

Beautify your living room walls with luxurious texture

“Texture is the most enduring and ubiquitous underpinning of form… Certainly a calming, meditative, and appealing world for both eyes and mind.”

The living room is the focal facet of our house, which makes it evident for us to add some extra effort to its décor. For accentuating an area, luxury is something that immediately pops in our minds. And what else can be better than adding textures on the walls that too with a touch of luxury and royalty?

Textures have been a master-blaster in case of that preferred depth and dimension to the walls of a corner. Why? Because with textures you prevent chances of flop an undone living area can bring forth.

At Ventura International, the deluxe range of textures of veneers for walls, interiors wall panels, and wall laminate sheets are available for you to choose from and make your heart go round.

Textures draw attention in a single go.

Being the primary part of your guest’s visit, the living area yearns for a luxurious tint to grab their eyeballs every single time they strike it. And textured veneers, wall laminates, and wall panels are those important elements that bring the required attention to the corners effortlessly.

They add much-needed charisma that insinuates life to your living area. The texture is like a piece of ornament that adds grace to your living area. So, clear all your doubt clouds and plunge into the trendy range of textures. All available for veneer sheets, wall panels, and wall laminate sheets here for you at our store.

Go a bit “Extra”.

“Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.”

There is no harm in going a little extra with your requirements especially if it is for your dream house. Our textured veneer for walls, wall panels, and laminate sheets here plays a vital role in case you are looking for that “extra” for the walls of your living area.

Textures are available in an ample range of shades as per an individual’s taste. From subtle and chic looks to dark and gothic impressions, it’s all over here. Guarantee of an extra tub of luxury for sure.

Play with colors and patterns.

As discussed before, textures are available in different shades, colors, and patterns. Wherein you get a chance to play with them and model the walls for your desired corner as per your wish. The main options to go for are:

Dark colors
Dark colors in texture ( available for veneers, decorative wall panels, and laminates for wall
) are always a promising option if you desire to impart a gothic view to your living area. They create a subtle atmosphere in your area and make you seek a longer stay. Moreover, dark colors are always a classy choice that you can opt for in your living area.

Light colors
Light colors bring a pop-off effect. Some people love the peppiness and that is where these
colors work marvels. But, the light shades of textures in our interior wall panels, wall laminates, and veneers are so modest. For instance, the sky blue shade of texture is one of those that brings a tranquil ambiance to your place. So the choice is all yours!

Thus, all these textures of veneers, wall laminates, and interior wall panels add a good fraction of volume to the walls of your living area. The serene and cozy vibe along with exceptional designs worthy of an eye-roll is here at your feet.

Ventura International assures you a wide range of top-notch elements. And nothing less than that. Do not linger anymore. Explore our incredible collection to please all your interior decoration cravings.

Your living room should be the treasure chest of living

The living room is the place of our home where we create so many memories with friends, family, colleagues, and more. We all deserve a beautiful living room which makes us feel very good. You can make your living room very beautiful with the help of decorative interior wall paneling.

There are many design panels for walls, you can choose any according to your home design. It’s time to make your living room incredibly beautiful with decorative interior wall paneling:

Why use decorative interior wall paneling in your home?

Decorative wall panels for Indian homes are becoming increasingly popular as a way to upgrade the look of a room.

These panels can be mounted directly onto your wall and come in a variety of sizes. Typically constructed of watertight fiberboard, these may be further customised with an overlay of paper, laminate, or fabric.

Decorative wall panels have a number of advantages that make them a great option for Indian households. So let’s see why you should go for decorative interior wall paneling?

Easy installation

You must be aware that many common methods of beautifying walls in India, such as applying textured paints or hanging wallpaper, are labour-intensive, and time-consuming.

However, decorative wall panels are a fast and simple alternative because they can be mounted directly onto walls without any preliminary work. Within a few hours, professionals will set up the decorative interior wall paneling.


Decorative wall panels can be used to improve the look of your walls and, in turn, the entire room.

These panels come in a variety of natural textures like wood and stone, in addition to a wide variety of colours and prints, giving your room a whole new feel. You can use them to decorate an entire wall or just a section of it to draw attention to a certain area.

You can hide damaged walls easily

In Indian homes, uneven walls are a common issue. The walls are damaged and look very bad. Employing unskilled workers usually results in crooked and poorly finished wall surfaces. You would certainly not enjoy seeing an ugly walls in your living room.

Decorative wall panels can be installed over damaged walls to hide the imperfections such as peeling paint and flaking walls and help create a uniform appearance.

No one likes having wires hanging out, especially around their home theatre setup. Even if the rest of the furnishings in your home are flawless, this is a common issue in today’s urban dwellings. Wiring can be easily hidden behind decorative wall panels, which is both a clean and elegant solution.

Simple to take care of

When compared to more traditional options like wallpaper, decorative wall panels require less effort to clean and maintain. Most panels can be kept clean with regular use of a feather duster, soft cloth, and vacuum.

You can clean your wall panels with mild soap and warm water solution, but this will vary depending on the type of stain or splatter and the material they are made of.


Indian culture places a strong emphasis on reusing and recycling materials. Decorative wall panels are simple to install and remove without leaving any marks on the wall or the product itself.

It also means that you can take the panels with you to a new house if you decide to redecorate or use them in different parts of the house if you already have them.

There is a wide variety of wall décor options available. They are adaptable to a wide range of finishes, including paint, wallpaper, and moulding. Wall panelling is one such amazing option for transforming plain walls into eye-catching focal points.

You can easily get planks for wall in Delhi. You can choose from a whole new range of panel design at Ventura International for walls and make your living room look incredibly. So what are you waiting for, set a new level of luxury!!

Add opulence to your home walls

Are you looking for great wall decor ideas? If yes, then you have come to the right place because we are going to share with you a secret that will help in making your walls look glamourous.

The secret is CASA panels from Ventura, which offer exquisite texture that will make your home’s walls stand out. With the help of CASA panels, you can make your home look luxurious.

CASA Panels

Faux Leather boards with beautiful texture and textures are part of the stunning CASA PANELS collection. Their variety of patterns and treatments can be used to enhance the look of walls, ceilings, and furniture.

They provide a clean panelling around the tiles in the same faux leather texture that complements Luxe Tiles wonderfully. They’re water-resistant, fire-resistant, acoustic, and simple to install and maintain.

Casa panels are versatile and long-lasting, allowing them to be used vertically or horizontally. Without cutting or scuffing, these water-resistant panels can be twisted to 90 degrees. Casa Panels come in 12 stunning colours to complement your interiors, furniture, walls, shutters, tabletops, doors, and ceilings.

Faux Leather Wall Panels

The Fire Retardant PVC Board is followed by PU Foam, Faux (PU) Leather, and lastly a water-resistant surface in the creation of leather wall panels.

It’s smooth cushioning adds a touch of luxury to the design while also providing a sense of comfort.

In an effort to provide the best possible interior products to embellish the interiors of the Indian market, Ventura provides them to you at a great price.

Wall installations with leather Wall Panels are invigorating and beautiful from the outside. A component wall in leather wall panels is the most transformative thing you can do to any room panelling, infusing it with a captivating sense of class and grandeur.

They’re smooth to the touch, shiny to the eye, and dependable to use. Three layers make up this inventive product: an environmentally friendly PU leather on the front, a foamed polyurethane layer in the centre, and a water-resistant PVC tile on the back.

Leather indoor wall panels arts are created with a variety of stylish patterns and textures in leather surfaces, giving your room a noble and elegant feel. With imaginative lighting, some of the leather wall designs in brilliant diamond-like glasses affixed finish look sparkling.

Wall Paneling Maintenance Tips

Using a feather duster or a dry, lint-free cloth, dust the wall panels on a regular basis. You can also vacuum it once or twice a week.

Make sure the panelled walls aren’t facing the sun. When exposed to sunshine, fabric, printed paper, and laminate may fade. Install thick day curtains or drapes in any room that receives a lot of direct sunlight.

Splatters and spills should be cleaned up with a soft cloth and mild soapy water as soon as possible; don’t allow the stain to sit for too long. Do not leave alkali-based cleaning products or heavy-duty solvents on wood panels for an extended period of time.

To remove garbage and inspect joints, metal wall panels should be inspected once a year. Remember to replace any broken panels or trimmings as soon as possible.

Decorative leather design panels for walls are an excellent way to add colour, texture, and depth to a plain space and transform it completely. MDF, glass, vinyl, fabric, PVC, and other materials can be used to create these wall panels. A panel design for walls can also become the room’s centre point, illuminating it like never before.

So what are you waiting for? Get premium quality CASA panels and Faux leather wall panels from Ventura now and set a new level of luxury!!

Laminates that will make you go WOW!

Did you know that under great pressure, ornamental paper is compressed and layered on top of other layers to create laminates, a versatile and innovative surfacing material? Metal Laminates are a completely evolved and avant garde version of laminates as they use a real metal foil instead of paper !

Metlam Laminates are mesmerising!

This unique collection blends the strength of metal with the flexibility of laminates. It’s intended for use in vertical interior or ceiling applications where a unique accent or metallic appearance is sought. Metallic laminates are made by pressing metallic foils with phenolic resin-impregnated kraft paper core sheets.

The bright reflective face of these laminates gives the interiors a modern decorative appeal and gives the atmosphere a modern, sleek, and urban feel. Metalam is a long-lasting material that can be utilised in the hotel, gaming, and entertainment industries, as well as interior design, stage design, retail signage, display, cruise, and furniture industries.

Metlam Laminates offers a comprehensive range of laminates with true metal surfaces such as Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Brass, and Steel that are embossed in a variety of designs and textures and are internationally recognised. The Mirror range with spellbinding patterns and surreal depths and patterns have to be seen to be believed.

The Metlam series comes in over 150 different patterns, with finish options ranging from Brushed, Matte, Mirror, Patinated, and Magnetic, to name a few.

Advantages of Metlam Laminates

  • Metlam Metal Foil Laminates are sturdy and resilient, adding depth to your interiors.
  • It prevents dust particles from adhering to the surface, resulting in a clean and healthy environment.
  • When combined with a little ingenuity, modern design materials can help you decorate your home or business in a distinctive and sustainable way.
  • Laminate designs are so diverse that they may be utilised in any room panelling and for a variety of functions.
  • Placing solid laminate sheets in geometrical designs could be a creative method to decorate your indoor wall panels.
  • Despite the fact that laminates come in a variety of textures and styles, the power of solid colour laminates should not be overlooked.

Ventura offers a wide range of designs to satisfy your need for modern and opulent interiors. This carefully picked collection of Metal Laminates will meet all of your design needs in the most attractive way possible.

The collection is picked from the greatest design palettes of our leading international partners, including Dekodur of Germany.

This remarkable collection may be found being admired in retail establishments, hotels, restaurants, clubs, movie theatres, and shopping malls all around the country.

Ventura offers an exciting range of Premium designer laminates collection and one can get these designer laminates in Delhi easily.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us now to get the most beautiful and premium quality Metlam laminates for your home and office.

Minimalist and modern look to your home interiors with different shades of Grey

Grey is the new black! You must be very aware of this new fad which stands for grey being the new trendy color. And the exact go here with our taste as well. We have fallen head to toe for grey and for that reason we have brought you an exquisite range of different shades of grey. Minimalistic at the same time stylish and modern. What else one can look for in an element, right?

Moreover, for the people who consider grey a dull color, we have come up with the best shades of grey  which will revitalize their imagination. Grey is a color that is open to our translation in accord with our mood and personality. However, due to certain psychological establishments made over the years, some variables have enabled the users to look for that atmosphere even more passionately. Without consuming much of your time, let’s now get straight to some of our favourite shades of grey available here for you in our store.

  • Charcoal grey

The trendy Scandinavian style is a charcoal grey shade and is one of our top listed grey shades. This shade is prevalent for its warm and cheerful vibe. The veneer for walls drenched in charcoal grey scintillates the ambiance of your abode. This shade of grey turns the interior of your house into a cozy and warm space with its minimalistic touch. So? Do check it a go.

  •  Dramatic grey

Grey is always misinterpreted as a dull, boring, and dreary color. Contrasting to that, grey can also be a dramatic and daring shade capable of controlled conduct. The silver shade of grey is a goodly pick that animates your walls in a fun way. The decorative veneer plywood dipped in this shade is a perfect pick for spicing up your home interior.

  • Azure grey

  Grey mixed with a tint of blue is azure grey which vitalizes a cool, posh, and rich look. If you are someone who admires a neat, fuss-free, and fashionable lifestyle, here is your chance to shoot your arrows. This shade of grey is a neutral that pops out a look rich enough to make you go crazy about it. Here is an open chance to dip your head into the reality where the laminate sheets in azure grey are installed in your habitat.

  • Contrast grey

Grey is an alienated member of the black and white family. However, what they still share in common is their contrasting touch. Grey is a great follower of living and working up with contrasts. So, whosoever thought grey turns everything cold and dull, do rethink! The veneer wall panels, decorative veneer wall panels, and laminate sheets in Delhi plunged with contrast grey are some of our recent works. Do visit our online stores and make your eloquent picks.

The different shades of grey we just went through are some of our bests and the most favourite picks for you to choose from once and for all. The words opulent quality and superior products are the substitutes for the Ventura International.  By redefining the modern and trendiest approach to architectural products, we promise you the embodiment of elements. The veneers for walls, wood veneer laminate sheets, decorative veneer wall panels are our today’s blog’s centre. So kindly pay a visit to our offline stores in Delhi, as well as our online stores to check them out and take away your best suited ones.

How to accentuate the colors in your home

“Colours speak louder than words.” There is no better way to prove this saying than through your home interiors. Our homes reflect a true imagery of ourselves. We put our perceptions, ideas, and thoughts to practice when we plan to design our house. Often ideas feel incomplete as we just do not know how to use colors. Here we will tell you how to emphasize the colors in your room paneling. Ventura offers a wide range of interior and exterior panels with amazing pallet of colours to choose from, making your ideas into reality.

Make the room appear bigger or smaller

You may have the same space, but you can make it look bigger or smaller. All you have to do is to use the right colors in the wood panels. For spaciousness, you must use light colors for interior wall panels. By doing that, the surfaces reflect natural light. Eventually, the surface looks larger and airy.

Similarly, if you want to make the space look compact, you have to focus your attention on using stronger colors. This absorbs the natural light that enters the room. Your space looks enclosed and cozy. A perfect product to achieve this is Valchromat, a panel made of wood fibres coloured in the production process. The fibres are impregnated with organic colouring agents and chemically bound to one another by a special resin.  

Bring the ceiling down

Do you want your room to give a welcoming feeling? Especially in the home den or living room, the vibe of pleasantness is required. Here you can use decorative boards for walls that are dark. For example, you could experiment with various shades of dark brown. Maroon and pastel shades are also good alternatives. If you don’t mind then black and grey are also suitable. The dark panels would make your ceiling appear lower, and you would adore the effect it leaves. VALCHROMAT is an innovative product from Investwood, Portugal that combines the natural features of wood with the brightness of colours and, by virtue of its unique flexibility, allows unlimited applications.

Make the ceiling appear above

Certain apartments have a ceiling that is way down. This makes these spaces look small and claustrophobic. Usually, you would think you could do nothing about it. But by adding dark color panels on the wall and a white color panel on the ceiling will do your job. This accentuates the feeling of space, and any cramped-up sense is gone.

Add width to the room

Sometimes the corridors of our home look narrow and restricted. But if you want your home to have an overall inviting vibe, you cannot leave these corridors like that. Dark decorative interior wall paneling and light side walls will give that area a wide feel. You can use the technique for attics and places where the space seems to be somewhat restricted.

On the other hand, if you want to make a wall, shorter colors can help too. Just use a dark shaded wall panel for the lower part of your wall. This will make it look short and give a concise feeling.

Narrow the room

Again there are huge halls, and you would want them to look slightly narrow. Use dark color panels on the opposite sidewalls. Leave the ceiling in light colors, improving the proportions in a room where the dimensions are not balanced.

Also, you could highlight any particular wall. Just use a light beige or cream shade for the wall panels. On the opposite side, you can add dark-colored wall panels. This will give a starking appearance to your wall and home as well.

Summing Up

You can use Wall panels in light or dark colors that can totally change the look of your home. In case you want wooden panels for the wall in Delhi, you must contact Ventura India. We have a wonderful range and can offer 11-color option for Valchromat.

This variety would help you make the right decision for your rooms. Your home would reflect sophistication and luxury. Contact us now to know more about our products and how to experiment with them.

Add an element of glamour to your interiors with special textures

Your room is destined to be refurnished into a glamorous space from a dull space with well-done TEXTURES which decorative planks and laminates can accord. Embellishing the interiors of the room is not an easy coup but when done with the right supervision and that too with the right elements, it become a coupe de grace. Moreover, if you are someone who idolizes that extra whiff to everything, textured decorative planks and laminates should be your go-to choice. Wish to know why? Because Texture is a touch that turns your room into a fine vessel and your house into a lively place.  Altogether, a total delight for your senses.

Let us now dive right into some of the reasons to clear your doubt clouds and convince you to try out our exclusive range of textures.

  • Textures add weight to the casuals.

 Rich textures of decorative planks and laminates capture your eyeballs even from afar. Also, if you are into subtle and ingenious picks, decorative planks and laminates of  every taste are available as well. And would want to miss trying them out, right?

Particularly, the grey texture of the decorative planks is a royal choice you should add to your list. Apart from that, the Beton laminate or the decorative laminate come fro a premium range of architectural surfaces from Ventura International which furnishes excellent shades of grey. The Beton laminate with wide range of greys give minimalist and utmost modernness to your home interior.  So, think no more and opt for the trendy decorative planks in grey textures and our premium Beton laminate for wall covering, awaiting to be installed in the coveted lifestyle you always wished for.

  • Grey is our new SPECIAL.

Both decorative planks and Beton laminates in grey shades are our new favourites. Grey is chic, sophisticated, and elegant. Moreover, it is a subtle color that does not grab too much attention, and is a perfect choice if you are into chic and classy tangs. Grey can be dramatic, daring, and at the same time controlling in nature.  One who adores these qualities is deemed to fall for it. We are one of those which is why we offer a wide range of grey shades in our decorative planks and premium Beton laminates.

As we said before, textures add glamour. And if this glamour is given a tint of grey, it turns stylish, smooth, and versatile. In short, grey is a texture that radiates freshness! A texture that turns your habitat into a cool-to-be area with the company of our Beton range that offers brilliant shades of grey architectural laminate for walls. And the exquisite range of decorative planks, again, in grey texture creates an imperial impression that is bound to rule your house interiors.

  • Freedom to express your desires

At Ventura International, you get the freedom to express your desires and get them fulfilled into a beautiful reality through our authentic approach.

“Our decorative planks and laminates are making waves.”

The tagline speaks it all. The decorative grey decorative planks add grace to your space. The Beton ranges of laminates for walls are the allurements that never fail to mesmerize our buyers and we bet the same for you. Furthermore, your house needs the right treasures and we undoubtedly provide the best of them here.

Ventura International is the final destination for all your architectural needs. With the promise of perfection and unmatched craftmanship, we are unrivaled in our quality and our punctilious service. If the blog post was able to convince you of your demands, then do visit our store and explore our superior quality of products capable of turning you into a fan of our art.