How to Beautify your home interiors with 3D wall panels

When we think of our home, we imagine a place that depicts sophistication and luxury. So, when there are plans to decorate the home interiors, we want something creative and innovative.

The designs and the colours used in your home showcase your personality in more than one way. 3D wall panels are great way to make your home interior look plush and exciting, and are replacing the option of wallpaper and other options to decorate your walls. These 3D walls add a unique identity to your home.

Here are some ways in which you could use 3D wall panels to add glamor to your home.

What are 3D wall panels?

Before we move ahead, we will tell you what 3d panels are. These panels can act as a replacement for traditional wallpapers. Available in white, black and metallic colors, the panels add a beautiful personification to your home.

By placing them, you can transform a rather bland wall into a piece of art. In fact, they are a popular choice when you need to glam up a wall and turn it into a talking piece.

Exciting 3D panel designs that Ventura offers

Spline- A sophisticated and classy design has a 3D finish to it. The use of contours and curves makes this relatively simple design look graceful.

Penta- This design uses a mesh of sloping surfaces with a pentagonal outline. With these wall panels, your walls look rich and luxurious.

Norm-The Norm wall panel design showcases hexagonal tiles that are placed at varied angles. This creates a shaded look with a variety of images.

Mable- The Mable design uses polygonal tiles that are placed in opposite directions.

Zeta –Zeta is another variation of the honeycomb design. The placement of these 3D wall panels adds a geometric touch to your wall.

Bring your living room to life

When anybody comes to your home, the first thing they see is the living room. By using 3D panels, you can give an indelible impression of the room. For the backdrop, pick slightly bright-colored 3D wall tiles. For the stark contrast, the sidewalls would look in neutral and pastel shades. This combination is sure to grab eyeballs as soon as people enter the home.

Dining space grandeur

Next, we will talk about the center of the home, i.e., the dining area. This is the area where your entire family comes for dinner and spends time together. A soothing décor is what is the need of the moment. Pick up a 3D panel with a subtle design and combine it with a soft and calming painting.

The Bathroom Beauty

A bathroom is a place that we tend to ignore. But most of us rave about those exquisite bathrooms that feature in magazines. By adding design panels for walls, you can also add grandeur to your bathroom. You could either use the panels just for one wall and leave the rest walls. The 3D panels are resistant to moisture and pretty durable.

Hall up the hallways

Your Hallway is worth some attention too. You can add some glitz here as well. Maybe a 3D panel near the stairway would do the trick. These places tend to be black and hence look somewhat dull. Instead, place a white 3D panel with backlighting and give that space your own identity.

Rock up the bedroom look

As you retire to your bedroom at the end of the day, the need is to style it to have a calming influence on you. Find out some interesting indoor wall panels that you can fit behind your bed. However, in this case, you must match the wall panel with the room’s overall look.

For example, if you have a contemporary look in your room, the 3D wall panel should be modernistic.

To sum up

If you want to really spice up the look of your home, buy wall panels. These panels add an exciting look and appearance to the wall you use them on. Plus, they come in a huge variety, so there is no dearth of exploring your creativity and let your imagination flow.

We can guide you to select the best 3D wall panels for your home. Trust us with the home designing work and see how you modify the entire appearance of your abode.
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