#HappyHygge: Invite earthy elegance with Nature’s Signature veneers by Duro

Hygge pronounced “hoo-gah” is a Danish lifestyle concept that encompasses all things warm, cozy, and nice. We instantly took to this concept as we are historically known for helping trade professionals and clients enwrap their spaces in the kind of a fashionably fuzzy feeling that Hygge perfectly represents. Being the comfort-seekers that we are—our natural choice, therefore, is wood veneers—soothing colors, relaxing textures, and mesmerizing grains—the embodiment of sensual comfort. 
Veneers from Duro’s Nature’s Signature collection are the stuff that dreams are made of—we mean elegant and timelessly chic dreams. With more than 250 exotic species in Natural, Fumed, Dyed, Metallic, Distressed and Burl categories—this collection is India’s largest selection of A+ grade natural veneers.
As there are different strokes for different folks—there are unique veneers crafted under the gimlet eyes of the expert to appeal to a variety of interior styles. 

For interiors that are a mashup of traditional and contemporary—a strong, deeply hued veneer works like a perfect springboard to ground the overall scheme. Take this dining nook here, for example—we love how Santos Rosewood from Nature’s Signature anchors the space whilst providing contrast to the two-toned dining chairs. This place radiates organic warmth, so it’s giving us major #HyggeGoals!

This double oven wall cabinet here in White Oak from Nature’s Signature drips of the pared-down appeal that Hygge is associated with. The White Oak veneer is light-toned and has subtle veining which effortlessly jibes with farmhouse-style kitchen. It’s equal parts sophisticated and rustic and pulsates with inviting comfort. 

This statement wall in the conference room here brings a compelling yet easy-going vibe to a space that is otherwise thought to be solemn. The paneled veneer, Fumed Oak, from Nature’s Signature in a brick-style laying formation is the warm signifier to the industrial style’s streamlined coolness. This disarmingly down-to-earth conference room hits the nail on the head when it comes to modern minimalism.

What happens when the steely cool elements interact with the warmth of wood? A glimmering, glamorous vibe results as seen here. Clad in Satin Walnut veneer from Nature’s Signature—the walls with their airy elegance—perfectly balance the visual heft of the metal adorned elevator doors. Metal and wood—as they say, is a match made in heaven and we are totally digging it!

Being die-hard fans of traditional schemes, we can’t hold ourselves from mentioning at least one of them in our blog posts. So here it is—we have our heart set on American Walnut veneer from Nature’s Signature by Duro as we believe it just looks as if it was designed specifically to be teamed with the good old traditional style. The island and cabinetry clad in this veneer make this kitchen feel calm and complete. What we also love about this veneer is that despite its strong presence—it doesn’t overpower and lives harmoniously with other elements. 
As we said earlier, there are over 250 spectacular veneers in a dizzying array of finishes—you will, therefore, need to pay a visit to our Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi to see them in all their glory. You can also log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide-ranging assortment of surface decors. For personal assistance, you can reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free). 

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Mix Those Metals: Pro Tips On How To Pair The Newly Launched Homapal Metallic Laminates With Other Materials

Contemporary interiors turn convention on its heads—be it in terms of new finishes, accents, silhouettes or materials. Another defining characteristic of this aesthetic? It teaches us that there’s no rule set in stone including that metals can’t coexist harmoniously with other materials! In the true contemporary style, we are going to bust this myth and show how wonderfully well metals can work with other materials, even tones within their own brethren! 

Metal with Marble

Although milky white grainy marbles meld nicely with gold-hued metallics—for a modern opulent mix, we’d recommend juxtaposing their warmer tones with each other. When using the same undertones, make sure you are playing with the textures for a dramatic interaction. Adorning the reception desk here is the Classic 471 Polished Goldtone from Homapal. We love how its glossy finish complements the gilded veined patterning of marble. 

Metal with wood

If you ask us, we’d say metal and wood is a match made in heaven. The warmth of the wood commingles magically with the coldness of the metal resulting in a satisfying balance. The elegant micro cracked surface of Homapal’s New Crisp Anthracite 809/252 strikes an interesting partnership with the contemporary elegance of the whitewashed wood flooring. 

Metal with exposed elements

A sense of urbane sophistication pervades this bistro as the coarseness of Homapal’s latest laminate Brass Moon 500/502 gets together with the refined rawness of exposed brick walls. Metals, especially those in antique copper and brass get along really with the laid-back, undone feel of the exposed elements of the factory-chic aesthetic.

Metal with leather and wood

The coming together of wood, leather and metal accents in interior design brings to life a classic composition. Handsomely weathered metal with leather accents looks perfect when trying to achieve a luxurious look. When paired with wood and leather, metal looks spectacular while creating a visual harmony owing to the discreet nature of the two materials. Look at the just-launched Copper Diamond Antique 690/340 from Homapal on the wall—it sets off the leathered seats and wooden legs of the bar stools.

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A Primer on Embracing Maximalism

You may have caught this word in the glossy pages of an interiors magazine or watched a designer enthuse about it at length—maximalism is everywhere. It has become a ubiquitous phenomenon, enthralling even the fashion world with its no-rule-set-in-stone approach—where both the creator and user revel in unbridled creativity. In other words—maximalism is like this pure unadulterated outpouring of richness and expression. Freedom best describes this design movement that has seized everyone’s imagination at the moment. 
Your personality, emotions, and inspirations take centerstage—it’s like stepping into an expressionist’s canvas—where everything is exaggerated and in excess; be it colors, forms or storytelling—albeit in a tasteful way. Given our personal predilection for this trend (no no, we haven’t forsaken our minimalist morals), we thought why not give our readers a primer on how to embrace this trend. 
Here’s how you can hitch your wagon to this trend en vogue—

1. Trying in bits and pieces 

Image Source – Pinterest

While maximalism does necessitate going all bonkers with design elements—if you are doing it for the first time, we would suggest you take things slowly and in small doses. The good place to start this with is colorful cushions—oversized botanical prints awash in jewel tones; if you have a couch in a neutral tone, tossing in a few colorful cushions will instantly catapult your space into prominence. Another ingenious way to embrace maximalism safely and effectively—using vibrant wallpapers on stair risers. 

2. Using luxe finishes

Image source: Ventura

 Since maximalism is all about decadence—the materials used in interiors need to be deliciously luscious. And when we think about it—we can’t help stop thinking about our very own Luxe Tiles. These faux leather tiles which are characterized by life-like leather grains are equal parts pretty and polished. They are easy to install and are texturally rich—super soft to touch as well as visually arresting. Our Luxe Tiles are wear-resistant and can be used in wet, dry, and cold areas of your interiors for years to come.Look at this statement wall here. Featuring intricate rosettes on the surface, these tiles are adding a touch of opulence in the living room.

3. Sticking to a theme 

Image source: Pinterest

 While that’s true that you can go wild with your design choices when it comes to maximalism—the truth is—there is some method behind that curated chaos. Which is why it’s important to stick to a theme and build your maximalist narrative around it. Let’s say if you are someone like with a strong liking for jungalicious vibe—large florals, homespun folksy art—then let it guide your storytelling so that there’s a sense of harmony in all that visual riot of colors, textures, and silhouettes. 

4. Incorporating art that sings to you 

Image source: Pinterest 

The best part about maximalism is that it gives you free reins to put forth all your wildest of design ideas. That colorful menagerie of a wallpaper print you loved but thought was too much or that quirky wall mount you had your heart set on but didn’t have the nerve to use—it’s time to do it all. Everything and anything you thought was too bold or bright or shiny or massive—just bring it on!5.

Adding vintage accents

Image source: Pinterest

 With maximalism is that you can also inject some period drama into the mix. Think victorian, neo-classical, and rococo furniture—they look unabashedly glamorous and are comfortable, too. The best thing about vintage accents is that they elevate the mood of the maximalist setting and merge really well with other elements without sticking out like a sore thumb!
We hope these tips inspire you to experiment with the ‘it’ trend of this year. For sumptuous finishes, as we mentioned earlier, we got you covered. For that, all you need to do is visit our Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. Log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide array of products. You can also reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

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The Allure of Rose Gold in Interiors

All those who dismissed rose gold as a feminine color must be mighty surprised to see its popularity mushrooming even in 2019. While rose gold first tickled the fancy of jewelry designers, it didn’t take long for the fashion and furnishings industry to pick the trend. Interior designers, especially, took to the trend like a duck to water—this can be ascribed to the warmth and universal appeal that the rosy-hued metal carries with it.

They say not to view the world with rose-tinted glasses. However, who wouldn’t want to adorn their space with this rose-tinted hue? Brushed Rosegold from Homapal is a delectable metal laminate that will help you bring a sense of serenity in your interiors

We fell head over heels with it even before it actually came under everyone’s radar. Thanks to our channel partners, this metallic trend had started showing up before it officially became mainstream—which is before 2015. 

For a more discreet incorporation, we’d suggest going with New Crisp Rose, a stylish metal laminate from Homapal. Its dainty veined surface will enrich your cabinets, windows, and kitchen backsplash. 

Rose gold gets its charming rosy hue due to the copper content. The dainty pinkish color is now working its magic as a neutral in interior settings despite the earlier notions about it being on the feminine side. 

If you are looking to introduce this hue in a more textural and glamorous way, we’d recommend this fetching metal laminate, Polished Lava Tea from Homapal. 
There’s something warm and comforting about rose gold—we believe we all can use this in spades given the complex times we live in. From a pyschological viewpoint—colors leaning towards rose family are known to convey feelings of compassion, warmth, and tranquility. 
We believe this subtle metallic resonates with our sentiment to seek calmness and harmony in the world we live in. It’s plain satisfying to have your home or commercial space decked in a color that echoes the feelings you want to surround yourself with. 

Look at our gorgeous faux leather Casa Panel in rose gold here. This elegant grained decor looks best in interiors that call for restrained elegance. 
On the opulence front, too—rose gold ticks all the right boxes. It looks stylish in any conceivable interiors style but more befittingly in aesthetics with a pared-down and minimal approach as that’s where this hue gets its moment to shine. We imagine it decking up the wall of a bar where it sets off the leather upholstered bar stools and upping the ante of the overall vibe. Or perhaps, prettying up the reception desk of an uber cool office. Or enriching an entryway cabinet with its ethereal elegance. 

Equal parts minimalist and modernist, Sapphire Rosegold—a chic metal laminate from Homapal’s Trend collection is perfect to envelope your vertical spaces
If you want to incorporate this hue in your interiors through furniture, wall panels, cabinets, and more—visit our Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. Log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide array of products. You can also reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

Minimalist Musings: Veneers For Spaces That Follow The ‘Less is More’ Tenet

We have been gagging for putting together a blog post where we could just talk about the interior style for we which have historically had a weak spot for. And guess what? This happens to be that blog. Yes, we are going to be discussing our heart out about minimalism. 

We are well aware that the world around us is waxing lyrical about maximalism and while we love feasting our eyes on bold patterns and lively colors and ostentatious details—we cannot get minimalism out of our system. Minimalism is like second nature to us. “Less is more” is an aesthetic ideology that many equate with sparse decoration and getting rid of everything one possesses. Minimal adornment doesn’t mean that the spaces look bereft of life and character. And as for discarding, we’d all agree that as urban dwellers, we could be doing ourselves a huge favor by bidding adieu to that which doesn’t serve a purpose any longer.

 There are ways you can embrace this approach with surface decoration that is texturally rich and imbue your spaces with a sense of warmth, comfort, and everyday elegance. So like there are different strokes for different folks, there are certain design characteristics of minimalism that resonate with different minimalists. See what strand of minimalism you take a shining to—

The Fundamental Minimalist

HyperFocal: 0

The Fundamental Minimalist is someone who swears by the tidying secrets popularized by the Japanese cleanliness doyenne, Marie Kondo. Whilst clutter-free and airy simplicity floats their boat, they, however, crave for warmth, stability, and familiarity—all of which is aptly embodied by OLD NATURE from the Holz In Form collection of Embossed Veneer Panels. Its rustic refinement is enhanced by its charming look inspired by the typical structure of old wood. We love the homely vibe it is working up here in the kitchen. 

The Modern Minimalist

The Modern Minimalist is someone who is lusting after tantalizing textures that soothe senses. In this day and age of technology where we tap our fingers on our digital screens, the draw of running our fingers on a textured surface is just special. The calmness and balance that interiors can achieve with tactile veneers is something that we all can also use in our busy lives that’s divorced from nature! Look at the vanity and floating cabinets in this master bathroom. Enriched with SISAL from the Holz In Form collection of Embossed Veneer Panels, it looks like a tranquil bolthole.

The Big Impact Minimalist

Minimalism is all about creating a big impact with fewer objects and touches and that’s exactly what SCHILF from the Holz In Form collection of Embossed Veneer Panels does. Black adds depth to spaces and opens them up. When you use a strong color like black, it naturally removes the need for superfluous ornamentation. If you are a Big Impact Minimalist, you will probably be looking for darker toned surfaces that won’t lose their magnetism even after a decade.

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MetalGoals: Presenting the 2019 Metal laminates Collection from Homapal

Retro. Industrial. Contemporary. These three words best describe Homapal’s 2019 Trend Collection that the brand just launched at the recently concluded World’s biggest furniture show- Interzum in May. Comprising a total of 34 elegant decors, the Trend Collection offers a wide array of ambiance setting visual effects.

Each decor is painstakingly designed to give a unique ‘hand-processed and used’ look. These designs can satiate a variety of aesthetic palette—from industrial to modern farmhouse, transitional to tastefully lived-in, contemporary to traditional to basically, everything in between. 

Let’s take a look at the micro-trends that Homapal brewed this year—


Moon is a grunge ode to the imperfections left behind a craftsman. The flawed surface gives off a warm, familiar vibe that comes with things that have been lived with and used for many years. The aesthetically appealing chipped canvas comes in shiny or muted Copper, Brass or the oxidized looking combination of Copper and Turquoise


Diamond Antique is a modern reinterpretation of the eternally classic diamond pattern. It focuses on the delectable ‘undone’ dichotomy that is occasioned as clear linearity is enriched with the progressive blending of the colors. A pleasing amalgam of light, color, and form—Diamond features two skilfully finished hues, Copper and Brass.  


Sapphire looks like it was specifically designed to appeal to those with a strong penchant for a minimalism-inspired aesthetic. The fine lines coupled with the vibrantly shining light-to-dark gradations create a mesmerizing panoply of light and shadow. The Sapphire series comes in a range of bewitching colors such as Graphite, Champagne, Rosegold, Bronzetone, and the unique Oxygreen. 


Subtle yet sumptuous, New Surface is created to prettify interiors of all ilks. Covered with deliberate cracks, it comes in five exciting metallic colorways- Gold, Anthracite, Oxygreen, Rose. We especially got our eyes after Copper New Crisp Antique as it seductively highlights the veined structure with subtle transparency. 

This wasn’t just a rundown but also an announcement—these beauts have much very reached our store and we are now accepting orders. So visit our store in Ventura International, 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. See you on the other side!

Inject Some Color in Your Spaces This Monsoon With Our Decor Edit

We are finally given the reprieve from the oppressive heat. The downpour has been the best thing in these last couple of months. We love the overcast skies, the pitter- patter of the rain, and the freshness of Mother Nature. While we love everything about Monsoon, there’s no saying that after a point it’s going to start getting a little dour and gloomy since most of us will be cooped up indoors. 

So how do we combat the blues then? By spritzing some life and color in our interiors! Here’s our edit of resplendent decors put together just for you. 

1. Red Valchromat

We can never tire of red—and we bet this particular red hue from Valchromat is something that will have you hooked from the first moment you clap your eyes on it. The reason we like? The shade isn’t too radical nor too reticent, it’s just right and will be as much at home in your home as it will be in your office. 

What also makes it more special is the fact that this wood fiber panel is organically dyed—this will make all you proponents of sustainability smile ear to ear. Since it is made of wood, the panel has these charming variation in tonality which adds to its beauty copiously. 

2. Casa Panel LC 74 

If you want to nail the nautical theme in your home this season, we’d suggest you go with this refreshing hue of our Casa Panel—LC 74. The oceanic color will breathe new life in your interiors and be the anchor point of your maritime decor. 
This gorgeous faux leather is characterized by intricate veining and is super easy to install. You can use it to adorn your furniture, walls, shutters, table tops, doors, and ceilings. 

3. Norm in Gold 

Ah, the gilded glamour, who doesn’t like some? This entrancing hexagonal wall panel is composed of ingenious little tiles which can be used in a variety of wall decors by configuring them in different combinations. 

Norm has such an imposing presence that it will naturally be the cynosure of all the eyes—which is good, as it will render other kinds of decoration unnecessary and help you achieve the clutter-free, minimal aesthetic you have been wanting to. Killing two birds with one stone. 

4. Sunny Yellow from Plankwud 

The first thing that popped into our minds when looked at this sunny hue was Monsieur Van Gogh’s eloquent painting of sunflowers. There’s this country lovely allure to Plankwud’s Sunny Yellow—akin to Van Gogh’s famous painting. 

This meticulously crafted wooden wall panel will gladden your heart and home, oh and your office and restaurant too (it will be a match made in heaven especially if you are aiming for a homely rustic style). We are sure this ray of sunshine will positively help you feel rejuvenated, come rain or shine. 

5. Copper Moon Light from Homapal 

Luxurious and enchanting, Copper Moon Light is an out-and-out head turner launched by Homapal just this past month. Its coarse, flawed surface coupled with its warm rosy hue will conjure urban sophistication. For those of you who find the magnetism of rose gold difficult to resist, we just gave you just another reason to indulge! Like what you see here? We bet you will like these, even more, when you will see our showcase in person. Visit our Ventura Architectural Experience Centre TODAY in 1/120, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. Log on to our website venturaindia.com to view our wide array of products. You can also reach us on 91-11-45546700 and 1-800-103-6756 (toll-free).

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The Curious Case of Valchromat – Organically Colored Wood Fibre Boards

As much as we adore those natural wood tones and the complex grainy patterning, our heart is forever seeking vibrant hues—after all, a fresh burst of color can do wonders to your interior scheme. However, we usually have to forgo one in favor of another. But what if the wood came soused with pleasing colors? Is that even possible? Valchromat by Investwood is what dreams are made up of—let’s say dreams involving an assortment of beautiful colors on wood. 

Let’s dive into what Valchromat really is. If you thought only X-Men are a result of gobsmacking mutation, you are wrong. Valchromat is an evolved avatar of MDF. They were introduced in 1998 and since then have undergone exhaustive testing and refining for furniture, commercial, and residential applications

These wood fiber panels are soaked in gorgeous colors throughout and as if this feature wasn’t enough to widen our eyes, these Panelling in Delhi  are impregnated with organic dyes! We hope you got something around you to hold on to! Valchromat panels also possess the unique tonal variation of wood, as that’s their raw material. 

Another peculiarity that adds to their unique coloration is the visibility of small fiber panels on the surface—an alluring flaw that occurs when some of these tiny fibers don’t absorb the organic dyes. Alright, so it fares phenomenally well on the color front but what happens when the surface gets dinked or scratched by accident? Does it leave unsightly discoloration or dent? It doesn’t! You can resuscitate the affected area by simply sanding out and re-finishing it! 

Valchromat is fantastically versatile not only in terms of colors but also in thickness. Like any other Wooden Panels in Delhi NCR Valchromat panel can be finished using wax, varnish, oil or lacquer. These fiber panels are moisture-resistant, which means they can very much be used in bathrooms and areas with high humidity levels after proper edge sealing, of course. We are so imagining them as a soothing background for an outdoor seating ensemble in a beach villa!

These luscious panels can be used in different applications such as furniture, doors, decorative panels, CNC routed elements, and regular paneling.

Last but not least, Valchromat ticks an important box that as house-proud owners and design enthusiasts we all should be mindful of—environment-friendly. The rationale behind Valchromat’s manufacturing is to reduce and hopefully in the very near future eliminate environmental impact. The resultant waste and bark from the production process are reused to fuel the steam boiler. 

Moreover, whenever available—post-industrial waste from sawmills, wood pallets, pine woodchips, etc. are used in the production of these wood fiber panels. Valchromat can also be recycled, which is yet another cherry on the top!

Beauty In The Imperfectly Perfect: Veneers From Holz In Form To Bring The Outside In

The Japanese aesthetic philosophy of Wabi-Sabi is something that we totally subscribe to. We seek beauty in that which is imperfect, raw, and tentative. We believe that it resides in the most modest and unassuming places—one place where it lives in abundance—is nature. 

In nature, beauty can be found in the sculpted shapes of sand dunes, in the pastel gradient of the twilight sky, in the sun-kissed ocean ripples, so on and so forth. But if we were to put our finger on one particular form of beauty that makes the inner tines of our heart hum—it has to be that of wood. While we have always found ourselves fascinated towards the gnarly grain of the burled wood—there’s another texture that has caught our attention. And that is the flawed, irregular texture of the bark. 

Here’s presenting “Borke”, German for bark—an exclusive nature-inspired collection from Holz in Form. Raw yet refined, it authentically captures the outer layer of the bark of a tree In order to ensure that the texture of tree bark is faithful to reality, these texturally rich embossed panels feature a jagged surface that has a natural rugged feel.  Simply put, Borke will bring the vitality of outdoors in—this will not only enrich your interiors but will also soothe your senses. 

Warm and characterful, Borke is imbued with a mix of deep tones and textures. Its appealing weathered look helps bring the outside in—there’s no denying about the calming effect they create in interiors. Borke is an ideal option for paneling and door necessitating an ‘au naturel’ look—they tick off all the right boxes—harmony, sophistication, and authenticity. Borke can be used to enhance an accent wall and storage units—not only will create a sense of continuity but will also amp up the tranquil vibe of your interiors.

If you are someone like us with a strong penchant for Scandinavian-inspired minimalism, we believe you will have all the more reason to fall in love with Borke. When you have the said interior aesthetic—the spotlight is, naturally, focused on the textures and Borke offers that in spades. Another good thing about these beautiful veneers in delhi is that as much as they are commanding on their own—they also pair well with concrete and chrome. Perfectly offsetting the coolness with their innate homespun warmth—Borke veneer panels are a must-have for interiors calling for rustic, modern-farmhouse interior style. 

While it’s true that Borke’s visual richness makes it an obvious choice for interiors with a pared-down aesthetic, it also lends itself as an alluring counterpoint for contemporary and transitional settings. Whether you use it to enhance your bar counter or to dress an in-built wall wardrobe, Borke will make it as comfy and cozy as it can be. 

Our Edit of Best Laminates

From homes to hotels to offices to retail spaces, over the past couple of years—metal laminates have gone on to to become one of the most sought-after choices of interior building material. Of course—they are lively, luscious, uber modern, and most importantly, look unfailingly luxurious—which totally works for living environs with aesthetics requiring an opulent feel and rich finishing touches. What is also interesting is that Metal Laminates in Delhi  are being constantly reinvented so that they are in keeping with the evolving interior trends and surface decoration preferences. Their application in interiors is virtually limitless—furniture to wall coverings to room dividers to column covers to everything in between. 

Here are some of our best-selling laminates that are favored by both end users and design professionals —

#1: Brushed Coppertone

Stylish and scintillating, Brushed Coppertone is hands-down our favorite metal laminate—all thanks to its versatility and enduring appeal. Copper is enjoying a resurgence and is dominating interiors with its warmth and coziness. Featuring calming waves, Brushed Coppertone is suitable for reception areas, office interiors, and commercial spaces necessitating a sophisticated and tranquil feel. 

#2: Mesh Bronze

A beautiful exploration of texture, Mesh Bronze reminds us of the binding of an old tome come undone. Mesh bronze blends like magic with aesthetics erring towards rustic and traditional. Over the years, we have seen it emerge as one of the popular choices for doors and wardrobe applications. 

#3: Bronzetone Short Carved

Bronzetone short carved is an excellent pick for those who want to create a sense of depth in small space. It can be your office cabin or study where you want to invoke a sense of warmth without overpowering the overall scheme. We believe Bronze Short Carved strikes the Goldilocks principle—not too visually jarring, not too staid—but just right.

#4: Copper Relief Autumn Leaves

What if you could pepper your interiors with the tranquility of an autumn woodland? Nothing like it, isn’t it? One of our all-time favorites, Copper Relief Autumn Leaves laminate is soused in a rich patina effect, which adds to its enchanting beauty. To create a visually rich environment we recommend teaming it with chrome—as it acts as a cool complement to its warmth. 

#5: Polished Goldtone

Those who fancy a delectable dollop of antiquity, Polished Goldtone will totally ring their chimes! You don’t need to go over-the-top with this laminate—you could just use it to pretty up your column or the wall behind your TV unit and voila—you will have achieved a svelte, timeless look!

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