Decor styles 101: Dream Up A Festive Dreamland With Our Decor Guide

With the year drawing to an end, the days dotted with festivities set us up for the new beginnings that lie ahead. These are exhilarating times and what better way to spend it—than in our homes—in the comforting company of our family and friends!

As there are different strokes for different folks—we thought why not collate ideas for diverse tastes and design preferences? Whether you are more of a contemporary connoisseur or an industrial enthusiast, we have some decor tricks up our sleeves that will serve as a springboard for your festive appropriate design overhaul project.


This interior style decidedly leans towards formal classic elements, warm color palette, sumptuous soft furnishings, and character-filled period furniture. Intricate design flourishes abound in this scheme and a sense of storied history pervades because of a melange of objects that span eras and styles.

Our Luxe Tiles collection lends itself as a befitting background to hold together a rich interior style such as this. In here, the faux leather tile METEOR instills a plush ambiance into the living area. These water-resistant and anti-aging tiles are also suitable for wet and humid environments.


If you are someone who likes the informality and homely feel of country homes along with the comforts of modern life, you are totally in line with this style. Southern bonhomie is the kind of aesthetic that just feels grounding and serene whether or irrespective of whether or not you have many elements in the scheme. This can be ascribed to an earthy color palette which brings softness and invites tons of natural light inside.

Think of a casual farmhouse style juxtaposed with paneled walls, subdued damask patterned wallpaper, woody tones, stunning antique chandeliers, parquet floorings. The anchoring element in the bedroom here is Relief Wenge from Latho, Interart adds variety in terms of depth and texture. A well pulled together look ensues when commonality is established throughout the scheme.


This kind of aesthetic is a stylish mishmash of diverse colors, patterns, influences, and reference points. The trick here is to put together these disparate elements coherently and not make it look cluttered. Since each of the objects has a strong presence—the real challenge is for them to coexist harmoniously and not appear as if they are trying to vie for attention.

For a compelling starting point—wood fiber panels from Valchromat fit the bill. Impregnated with organic dyes, these wood fiber panels are available in pleasing hues perfect to add an eye-catching burst of color into your eclectic mix. Another advantage of working with these panels is their versatility—they come in a myriad of finishes including mat, bright, varnished, waxed, textured, et al giving you free reins to work up the eclectic vibe you want to. \


Contemporary aficionados often go for one stellar design moment which eliminates the need to add more objects into the mix. It could be a stunning wall art gallery, maximalist styling by grouping together oversized vases and curios, or what we like the most—geometric 3D walls.

Our specially curated collection of 3D wall paneling system from Turkey is an ideal choice for those who gravitate towards an aesthetic that achieves the Goldilocks rule in design—not too much, not too little but just right. With one spectacular area of interest in the interiors, it becomes easier to throw in accent pieces to reinforce your contemporary point of view.

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Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

No matter how solemn promise we make to ourselves to keep our homes shipshape and shiny, it just manages to retrograde into the clutter that it was—it’s like having our own personal-and-perennial-Mercury-retrograde-situation. Jokes aside, clutter is definitely not a state that is conducive to creativity and productivity. And tackling it has always been a challenge, so how do we get to the ‘neat and organized nirvana’ that a few of us seemed to have mastered? By following a simple two-pronged approach to tidiness as put forth by the Japanese cleanliness commando (albeit a petite one)—Marie Kondo.  

The said approach is refreshingly fuss-free—the first step of which involves taking the things you own in your hands and asking yourself if it ‘sparks joy’ or not which then leads to the second natural step where you discard those that don’t spark joy and organize those that do in ways that make locating and grabbing them easier. Sounds easy peasy, isn’t it? While it is—there are a few potential areas where you might hit an emotional impasse especially when you have objects of sentimental value but Marie offers a clever solution to that as well. 

Here are a few key takeaways from her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, which we can’t recommend enough—


Before you launch yourself full-fledged into the tidying process, Marie says it’s important to ask what is it that you are trying to achieve through this activity? Do you want to live minimally? Or do you want to nail a clean aesthetic that enables you to function optimally and live beautifully? Having a clear goal in mind will keep you motivated throughout the process.


What this means is that unlike the traditional MO where we begin by decluttering our home room-wise only to find the same object or item in a different room again (clothes, for example), we take categories head-on. The order for tackling the categories, as Marie suggests, is clothes followed by books followed by papers followed by miscellany followed by sentimental items. 

For every category—round everything up in one place so that you know how much you own. You then take each item in your hand, ask yourself if it sparks joy or not. The ones that you decide to part ways with, you thank them for fulfilling the purpose for which they were bought. Discarding with dignity, as they say. 


We couldn’t agree more with Marie as this is one tricky area that can impede your speed even before you have made decent headway into your decluttering mission. What happens when you stumble upon an old photo album? You spend hours thumbing through it, reliving sweet memories that are now frozen in time. 

So now imagine going through your photo albums with the purpose of discarding them, where do you think that will take you? To cherished episodes of your life but nowhere close to your intent. Which is why sentimental objects like albums, scrapbooks, diaries, letters, greeting cards, etc. are best left to be tackled at the end because when you follow the order of discarding items as recommended by Marie you will have honed your decision-making, which in turn will help you bid adieu to your sentimental objects. 


We like how Marie’s method which is also known as KonMari has a spiritual slant to it. Marie encourages readers to say a little prayer before they hurl themselves into the tidying process. She is strictly against the idea of playing loud music while you are evaluating what to keep and what not to. 

She considers tidying as a type of meditation in which one can have a deep dialogue with oneself about the activity they are undertaking and feel in sync with the objects they own. There’s no guessing that Marie is an early riser and prefers channeling the freshness of the early morning to launch into the process. 

We hope you find Marie’s method as helpful and insightful as we did and that you are filled with enough motivation to clean your space.